Wright studied the file carefully,This emperor Herron fights as a clone of Thunder God most of the time,Although his law of water element has become a high god,But was killed by the gods like Elek and others not long ago。

His weapon is spear,Has three tricks。
The first one is lightning attack,Direct thunder and lightning bombardment,It’s the same with or without magic weapon,This trick is wide,Hard to avoid,But the attack power is also relatively low,Generally deal with lower power gods。
The second trick is the unique trick of Thunder piercing attack,Once cast,Can attract countless lightning and condense on the spearhead,Divine power burst,Attack with the thorn or projection of a spear,Strong penetrating power,It can be regarded as a material attack against masters of the same level。
And the most powerful trick,But it is directly transformed into the body narwhal,Use Thunderhorn to perform talent tricks,Attract thunder and lightning,Then use the hard unicorn as a spear to launch a thunder piercing attack。The mysterious moves are somewhat similar to the second move,But the power is several times greater。This is also Di Helong’s trick to press the bottom of the box,Also him【Thunderhorn】Origin of the title。
Close the file,Wright sneered,This Emperor Herron’s attack power is indeed very strong,But he seems to be restrained very much,He is sure to suppress the opponent。Of course if he wants to escape,He caught it very well,After all, the practitioner of the law of thunder and lightning,Very fast。
“Stop!”A loud noise came from outside the metal life boat,Wright touched his head with a headache。
A middle god,Flying alone on the top metal life of the family’s 7.8 billion source stones,Seems to be really dazzling,So that these robbers rushed to death one by one unscrupulously。。。Why bother。
Outside Lin Puppet City, ten billion miles away from Wright,Standing a castle。The material used in this castle is simple,Are very common materials。No decorative carvings,There is no trace of history。But no one dares to underestimate this castle。
Because this castle belongs to【Thunderhorn】Di Heron。In the hall inside the castle,【Thunderhorn】Di Helong sat on the main seat,Somber temperament,Domineering appearance,Eyes closed。And kneeling at his feet is a female upper god,This uppermost god is enchanting,Two small horns on the head,Stick out a tail behind,Is the succubus family from the abyss。However, at this moment, the succubus lady who will be very popular in the outside world is kneeling at the feet of Di Helong respectfully.。
“the host,Just received a message,The junction of Yanyu Mainland and Qingkonghai,Many bandit groups were beheaded by a passing master,According to some robbers who escaped, this mysterious strong man appeared to be a middle god.。”
“Oh!”Di Helong opened his eyes,Left eye blue,Right eye purple,But with the same indifferent expression。
In fact, whether it’s Wright or Ego,At the level of the seven-star elves upper gods are considered very young,It’s hard for them to measure the relationship of Di Helong。
As early as when Di Heron was chasing Elek and the others,He has already established a personal relationship,I know that Elek has a family member of the seven-star level。Although he is much stronger than the average seven-star,But can’t ignore,Therefore, people have been arranged to find the location of Wright,Judge whether Wright will come to save people。
As for Wright is a middle god level,He also thinks this is a deliberate disguise by Wright。
“Any more detailed information?”Di Heron asked the succubus girl indifferently。
“the host,Some middle-level gods who escaped said,The strong mid-level god displayed a very special gravity space,Seems to be attractive in space,Suck them over and then slaughter them。”While talking,A drop of sweat appeared on the forehead of the succubus girl,He too understands the mood of this master,Knowing this information might offend him,But if you hide it,The consequences will be more serious。
“Attractive?”Di Helong frowned,So that the succubus girl below is silent,“sure?”
“uncertain,Because the robbers who sent this message were not covered by this kind of gravity space,Just judged from the reactions of other robbers。All the robbers who fell into the realm are dead。”
“You can go down。”Say in this sentence,Let this succubus girl breathe a sigh of relief,At the same time respectfully bow down。