Suddenly,Sound of their side。

Two women are shocked,Go back,But I found that Xia Xue didn’t know when to come to the past.。
Su Xiaoxue hurriedly greeted,Liu Qingqing is some bureaus to promote uneasiness.,I also shouted with a low low.,“Summer sister。”
Summer snow nodded,Watching over two women,There is a smile between the eyes of the eyes.。
Subsequent,She has no sign of words.,“Clear,Since Xiaotian brings you the capital,And met the father,Then you have a big woman in the future.,Understand。”
Liu Qingqing。
Big……Big woman?
“I still remember that I went to Qinghai and what did you have eaten??I don’t mind, you are married to Xiao Tian.,but……I don’t want someone to add a chaos.,If anyone accepts it?,You can leave。”
Su Xiaoxiao’s pretty face suddenly blush,Not from low,Hold hands together。
Confucius,I can’t read a bit between the look.。
In fact,About summer flowers……Or he and a few women,Liu Qingqing has long been clear and clear。
She also has the initial resistance,The transition after the last thing after connecting,Slowly choose to accept。
Acceptable is one thing,When it is not seen, it is also a matter.,But the face is poked,This makes her have an anti-emotion。
“Clear,Don’t mind,I am talking about this person.,Some things have,You can’t take anything wrong。”
Xia Xue is too strong,Also very calm,“If it is someone else,I won’t say these,But you are different,Maybe in the future, Xiao Tianshui will marry you.,You are a famous wife,But,You can’t let other women have been wronged.。”
Liu Qingqing has complex,Zhang Zhangzhu,But I don’t know what to say.,Lift your heads, don’t help but look not far from the summer。
now,Summer hands and one power,Strip the wire in the middle of the bracelet。
Slap in,Subsequently twelve frustrated jasles on a table。
He picked up one of them.,Put it in your hand,Subsequently shake the head,Put on the table,Pick up the second,Continue。
However, it is the third,Fourth,Fifth……
Focus is quiet,Everyone is looking for,Be curious。
And the ancient face is still recovering a smile,But this signature confident smile,But……sneer。
He knows that he has missed the summer again.。
These people who grew up in the other party and the capital circle,You can’t deal with him with an old way。
Just as before being poured a glass of wine,The bodyguard is being disabled,As another example……He directly turned his desk with himself。
“hehe,interesting,Really interesting,I haven’t encountered my opponents who can make me seriously.。”
The ancient morning secrets。
At this time,Summer picked up the tenth sheep fat jade,That’s more,Put it gently。
Suddenly,His eyes are bright。
But did not stop,The last two pieces were also checked, stopped the action.。
He repainted the one sheep fat jade that was distinguished.,Put it in your palm。
This time and before,But the two hands began to move.。
“Diamonds and jade,This world,There are also ten strange stones,The reason why it is called Qi Stone,In addition to the small output,These odds will have their own characteristics,Some stone is higher than diamond hardness.,Some stone, half-metal half-metal,Some stone wants to exploit a grade,It takes five million euros……”
Summer hands are like movie gambling,Looking at the dust,It seems to be confused for her。
His words also fall in other people’s ear。
Only most people have doubts,Oppose each other,I saw the horror of each other.。