Next second。

The sullen sound is accompanied by a crispy rock, such as a sputum is generally continuous.。
Zhao Fei is wrong,Surprise,And turned around。
He sees,Except for him,Nine people including long hair,All planted in the ground,like a statue。
And the original Guo Lijuan,It’s also a round eye.。
only,When she saw a person lying at her feet,And the person left on the face is stunned.,And blood flowing in the mouth,Scared Guo Lijuan’s eyelids,Dizzy。
Zhao Fei is worthy of Jiao Yutang once the heart of the heart,Pull out the pistol with the fastest speed。
Can be raised in the arm just raised,嗤,A cold light flashing,Tight the wrist,The pistol is thrown out.。
“Mr. Zhao,Please don’t act。”
The ram walks to the past,A pair of eyes is like looking like a dead,“You have to live,Um,Live。”
Zhao Fei is full of face,Trend to press the fear of his heart and,“Why do you want to do this?。”
“For life。”The ram is seriously looking at him.,Sigh,“We also want to live.。”
Go on?
Zhao Fei feels that his brain is somewhat bad。
To know,Jiao Yuntang told him,These eight people are super masters,Ask them,Just to kill the Yangtze River in the field。
Now,That person has not come yet.,I am all crushed with my throat.?
More ridiculous,Also to live?
Just now,Five people instantly kill nine people,And that nine people are dead,Even the snacks。
Zhao Fei did know how high the super master。
But he can’t accept the fact that happened in front of him.。
“Who,Who,Who wants to kill you……”He asked the next consciousness。
Don’t ask,Just,The five men have a gloomy,glare。
But the ram is still given an answer,“You know the nine hegens.?”
Zhao Fei unconsciously。
“Um,very good,Your master is joking eye,Almost let us follow,Your eyes tell me,You have already guessed,Be right,You have to kill tonight,The king of the nine hegens。”
Zhao Fei only feels that the brain is booming,Suddenly a blank。
Nine big dominion in China,Although it is better to have strong deterrent,But the same。
Especially for some people in some mixed,The nine big hegens is equivalent to the holy place in their hearts.。
That is the legend,Distance they are far away。
Zhao Fei has never thought about there.,Will get into contact with nine hegens。