Xia Jian saw that father and daughter were about to quarrel because of him。So he quickly stood up,Said with a smile to Gu Changlong:“Uncle Gu took care。I come this timeGZIs to attract investment,I’m basically talking about this,So left soon”

“So much the better,For you and Gu Yue,All a good thing。Things in the world are like this,I’m not saying what I’m thinking,Can do anything”Gu Changlong finished,I closed my eyes a bit tired。
Xia Jian has a look,When I was about to leave。Suddenly the doorbell in the living room rang。Nanny wants to open the door,But Gu Yue stopped,Then Gu Yue opened the door by herself。
The door just opened a crack,I saw a silhouette,Chen San squeezed in through the crack in the door,He also followed two horses,Just didn’t come in,But stood at the door。
“Chen San!What are you doing?”Chen San is a social bastard,Quite famous。So this person Gu Yue also knows,She asked a little surprised。
Chen Sanhehe smiled and said:“General Gu!A bit reckless。But it’s urgent,I can only be rude”Chen San said,And walked towards Gu Changlong。
When he saw Xia Jian standing beside Gu Changlong,The color of Chen San’s face immediately changed。They fought many times,But every time his Chen San ended in failure。
“General Gu!I’m here on behalf of Xu Yiming to talk to you”Chen Sanyi approached Gu Changlong,Straight to the point,Brightened his identity。
Gu Yue rushed forward,She roared angrily:“Chen San!You represent Xu Yiming?I’ll tell you clearly here。Xu Yiming has nothing to do with our family,So between us,Nothing to talk to him,Please go!”
“General Gu!You are the boss of Yunmao Group,But do you think about it when you speak,Those of us who have no money and no food。Your word leaves me nowhere to survive,Really a bit domineering”Chen San Yin and Yang Weird,The appearance of making trouble。
Gu Changlong coughed and said:“Chen San!Talk if you have no money,There is no need to do such a thing。If i said you came to blackmail,What happens to the police?”
“General Gu!I’m barefoot and afraid of you wearing shoes?You can call the police,But as soon as I get caught。Xu Yiming is your illegitimate child,Will be promoted in major newspapers。What kind of result will this produce,I think you know better than me”
Chen San said and smiled,It seems that he is going to eat Gu Changlong。Looking at the helpless Gu Yue,Xia Jian really didn’t feel good。
Society is developing,Times are advancing。The dominant position of women in this society has gradually become prominent with the development of society。The original patriarchal ideology is quietly changing。There was a saying in society that giving birth to girls and boys is the same。
But in real life,Things men can do,Women cannot be replaced。For example, if Gu Yue is a man,,Chen San won’t be so blatant。Chen Sanneng did this,One is to seize the weakness of Gu Changlong,The second is that Gu Changlong is getting older,And Gu Yue is still a woman,That’s why he dared to do this。
Xia Jian can’t bear this kind of thing the most,Not to mention this is Gu Yue’s family affair,How can he stand by。There are things in the world,You can’t avoid it。It’s like this in Gu Yue’s house today。
“General Gu!Your family is here,Then I, Chen San, open the window and talk brightly。Xu Yiming asked me to represent him,Let’s talk about inheritance”When Chen San said this,I glanced at Xia Jian from the corner of my eye。
Gu Changlong was furious,He roared loudly:“Shit!I am healthy,What heritage to talk about?You tell Xu Yiming,He won’t get a penny from Yunmao Group”
“Mr. Xu!You can’t say that。You have to think clearly,He Xu Yiming is your own flesh and blood after all,What you say to him,Will let everyone gossip。Moreover,Gu Yue is your daughter after all,It’s better to leave this legacy to your son”Chen San is very patient。