The sky has gradually appeared a touch of fish.,Summer almost rushed overnight,Also observed overnight。

But he has no current。
There are many people who are out of the gods.,There are even many heavy firearms。
They locked a lot of regions,But in the summer,Those regions are not possible at all。
This makes him some suspect,Is the madness hidden in this mountain??
In the dark,A little slight sound came from the ear,Summer is watching,Immediately after hiding a tree。
After a moment,Two stories reflected in the field of view。
This is two middle-aged men aged 40 years old.。
Wearing the island country warrior service,If you have a strong breath。
Summer has come to the mountain,Not alarming any of the masters of the gods。
And most people,Are caught in the blockade area。
This is the first time I encountered a master search outside.。
However, from another aspect,These people don’t dare to act at night。
At this time,The two are surrounded by a moment.,Determine if there is no differential,One of them unsuccessful pants ready to pee。
And another person still observes four weeks.。
“Gaoqiao Jun,I am very suspicious now that the madness is still in the mountains.,We have been blocked for more than half a month.,At that madness,I am afraid that I have already left.。”
The man peeing is casually。
Side people shake the head,“Don’t think so much,We can act,But I conclude that the madness should be。”
Toned,He is lowered,“I heard that the meridians were injured by the Miyou, the Miyou, the Ritan Palace.,What is the realm of Daying now?,Is it that it has entered the legendary wind??”
Heard this sentence,Summer pupil。
Windsheet,That is the highest realm in the island ninja。
Its strength is equivalent to Huaxia to Sheng Master。
If the Miyou Master of the Rito Palace reached this situation,Can indeed hierarchically。
Even summer,Tolerant words,Winning is not known。
Not summer Torr。
If he faces the Chinese to the Holy Strong,I am afraid that it is now a success,Even many bottom cards,The final result is also a lot of winning。yy1s
But it is different about the ninjas of the island country.。
Because he is too understanding to Ninja.。
The most important thing is,Whether his‘Potential field’,Or he can actively drive spiritual power……All the Ninja。
Interrogate,One person,“This time, in addition to our gods,The rest of the major majors also sent a master,Right,I heard that the killing came again to our island,And killed many people。”