And there is enough Chakra in the transfusion eye,After this source is completed,More attack skills。

That is to mobilize the power of the source to issue Chakra shock waves.。
I feel that I should have a bit similar to the tail beast.。
Specific power,Not clear,This environment does not allow him to test。
Spring is just feeling that he can do this.。
Springs put these rhombus metal on the jester,Then picked up the joined Chakra metal.,Then slowly go to the eye。
When the rhombic metal is close to the revivement,A black tentacle with many branches extend from the eyes of the revivement,Parked the rhombic metal directly。
A blue ray appears on a rhombus metal,Quan Yu Song opened his hand,Diamond metal has not fallen。
This is the rune of the female seal,Now I have been used to connect the diamond metal.。
These tentacles of the female seal are used to connect the body,So there are many twigs,Now you can wrap the diamond metal directly。
“The effect is not bad”I have to say that the yin seal enters the translusive eye to use it is still very convenient.,Those runes are originally used to pass Chakra’s,It is very suitable now here.。
Quanyi eyes,The constant black tentacles in the eyes are extended out.,Then grab the remaining diamond metal on the sacrifice.。
In the end, these metals are surrounded above.,There are some blue rays above,Just one of them is more bright。
Spring does not use too much Chakra to warm these metals,After all, this is to overvolt some Chakra’s。
Although more Chakra can speed up metal transformation,But he yet no Chakra supplements,Not suitable for doing so。
Spring, after reading it for a while,It is no longer subject to it.。
He wrapped his back,Then he spit out a lot of water flow.。
Water flow in this space is not stopped,I sweate over the whole space.,I didn’t let go of my eyes.。
In the end, these water flooded outside,Take away the dust for a long time。
Suddenly, the whole space is clean.,I haven’t been there yet last time.。
Spring is ready to make a secret base here,Of course, you have to make a clean point.。
Springs take out materials from the package,Just look at it next to the sacrificial scene of the transfusion eye.,How long does it take for a bigger stroke?。
Among them, there are several types of circular cavities that are different.。
Then I took a touch on my eyes.,It is directly connected to the symbol.。
The runes on the symbol are moved slightly.,There is no movement.。
“Finally finished”Spring spit out a breath。
This is a wrench。
That is, the place where the storage reel Unicom。
The things that are placed can be psyken from other places from the ninja.。
This is equivalent to a coordinate。
Ninja use Chakra to open space,You can take the item out。
This psychic is injecting a certain amount of Chakra after portraying.,As long as you use it without frequent use。
Springs’ dagger big knife,I have already reminded him before,There is almost time to go there.。
Although the spring is usually not how to use the big knife,Should still maintain the time。
But Springs decided to make one yourself。
Plus Chakra input for reincarnation,As long as the spirit of the spirit is not broken,You can continue to keep it。
Quanyi took out the reel and took the big knife.,Then put it in a relatively large psychic bit.。
The big knife is too big.,Spring is also a little smaller in other positions.。