“Little quite,How do you be alone? Is Yun Lu??”
“Princess she was”
Small little low Yunluo is gone,She is safe Alarm,It’s too failed.。
“Two Yunlu princess was taken away by the sky When I arrived at the scene,There is only a small girl.。”
Strictly forward:“Just hurry,Didn’t come and introduce yourself,My name is it Head of the mainland Special Functional Group This time I came to Hong Kong Island to arrest the sky.。”
Wu Dehui and Li Siqi sighed,Strictly shot saving,Kindness without saying thanks,So I am not thankful.。
“Hey,You two are too rude. Is it not a master,You are still suffering from him in the sky. At the very least, I want to say thank you.!”
Xiaozhou supplement:“Besides,After you have two missing Many murderer people in the rivers and lakes are looking for them.,It is Yan Master to help us find a foothold.。”
“Oh Thank you.!”x2
Wu Dehui and the head of the head Thank you, master If it is a few years later, it will be better.。
Sincerely,Tianshi is violent,Tell people,I still hurt,But
Compared to soft、Joyful,What is the pain given by the sky?。They don’t have to bite your teeth,Can stick to a lifetime,Do not,It should be insisting into the next life,Next life。
“Happy time is not returned,I don’t know if I still have a chance.,Back to the main side, continue to serve his old man。”
“Yes,There is no teacher’s boxing,There is no power in life.。”
“Hey,What is the stupid talk about you??”
Little is a big face,Watching the horror:“Yan Master,They are not evil?”
Strict mouth soy sauce,Different people,Speaking, shortness of breath,It is also place in the nightclub.,Can imagine,What did the two have encountered during the capture。
“Two,You take the big Dan Dan,I practiced a peerless martial arts,I hope to save the cloud princess,You also have a force。”Strictly said。
Wu Dehui and the sorrow,Unable shrug:“Yun Lu was killed by the sky in order to save us.,You don’t say we will help,But,Our martial arts,I am afraid that I can’t help.。”
“How to speak this?”
Be very shocked,Catch the wrist of Wu Dehui,Too true,Replace,Also in the body。
“Two,The sky is abolished.?”
“Not a waste,He just passed our skills to Million Brother.。”
“Million brother,Who is this??”
Strictly heard a statement,I thought it was another helper around the sky.,Think of Liao Jie’s self-introduction,Ask:“Millions are not surnamed Wang,Gently,And very handsome?”