“Take,Let me see。”Nan Mingyi heard the pretty face with a cold,This kind of war, let the golden dragon can’t help but hurt。

“I rely on,Tiger King,Medicine can’t eat,Speak unscrupulous。”The golden dragon looks at the Tiger King Road.。
“If you have a look, you will know.,Tiger King,Mobile phone。”Qingyi also looked at the Tiger King Road。
“Take!”Nanming’s figure came to the front of the Tiger King,Directly stretch the mobile phone in hand。
“Kidding,What’s more,People’s Golden Dragon feelings,It is a good dragon when you are in the lower bound.,Even women have never seen。”The Tiger King smiled and took the mobile phone。
He came to the front of Golden Dragon,A smile with a whispering mouth。
“Yes,How can this possible?。”Golden dragon is a serious road:“We often joked between us,In fact, the Tiger King’s things are ignorant,We all like to black each other。”
“Also like to fight each other!”
The tiger king is in the waist of the golden dragon.,Suddenly, the golden dragon is like a cloud, flying.,Heavy falling on the wall,Also hit the wall,A potted flower fell on his head。
“Be awkward!”
Just at this time the camera sounded,A smile on the door,Take a photo with a mobile phone。
“Lin Temple!”
Nan Mingyi saw Lin Feng smiled and greeted。
“I rubbed,Lin Lao is coming,That time!”Tiger Wang smiles。
“I have already come.,Just to capture the wonderful picture,But not one。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Dao Xuan,Tinger,You come out.。”
Lin Dao Xuan and Ting Er, not far away.,The two are holding mobile phones.,Each face is tuned。
“I rubbed,Stinky boy,Dare to shoot me,Brother, but you,Also can’t I。”Golden Dragon’s body,Directly like the eagle, picking up the chicken,I took the mobile phone from his hand。
“Boy,Treat you!”The sound of Tiger Wang Yin measured,His figure came over,I took out a piece of powder into the neck of Lin Daoxuan.,Suddenly Lin Daoxuan,Splendid。
“Golden Brother,Tiger King brother does not dare,I……”Lindao Xuan Xuan’s voice sounded。
“You both still think about him.,Honesty。”Sandao people’s figure came over,Directly big sleeve,A light sprinkled in the Xunxiao,Terred that the itch on the Xuexia is disappeared.。
At this time, Qingyi’s figure has also come over.,Her eyes fall in Ting,Since Ting, the eyes of Qingyi have never been removed.。
Ting is looking at Qingyi,A playful face seems to be wroth,This scene made Qingli heart broken,Her figure is gone,A putting Tinger into your arms。
“Tinger,Mother is sorry for you。”Qingyi tears is as follows。
“mother,I miss you”Tinger is like a language,Lying in the arms of Qingyi。
“Hey!”Lin Feng looked at this scene.,A family four,So many years, I can reunite together.。
“Boy,Cigarette!”Golden Dragon kicked Lin Dao Xuan’s foot。
“knew,Dragon brother!”Lin Dao Xuan Diss,I immediately took a pack of smoke,A few,Handed a three-German people respectively,Golden dragon,Tiger King,One person,And then help it ignite。
Golden dragon,Tiger King,Sandao people sit in Taishi Chair, leisurely,Swallow,Smoke。
“Lin Big,Who is dried??”Golden Dragon lifts the head to Lin Feng Road。
“Xian Tianjian!”
Lin Feng smiled and said,His figure came to the three people to sit down。