Kill Li Ming after all,It also means breaking with the fairy palace。If Li Ming can make a harsh life oath,He doesn’t mind letting Li Ming live。

of course,The premise is that Li Ming must surrender the secrets of the birth of many peak Taoists。
“The reason,It’s not impossible to say–but,Two want to know,Have to live first!”Li Ming sneered,Not much to say,Do it directly。
“Brother Demon Flame,Please prevent this Ming Daojun from running away,I will subdue him!”Dao-kun Feixue is a little afraid of Li Ming, who has a formation forbidden and blessed,But don’t rely on external forces—He is sure to capture the opponent in three ways。
With the cold snort of Scarlett City Lord,Suddenly the light appeared out of thin air,Instantly enveloped the surrounding tens of billions of miles,The space of tens of billions of miles is completely isolated。
The figure suddenly jumped down, leaving a stream of light in the air,A waning moon-like sword light swept across,The meaning of coldness is coming,Even directly penetrates the soul real spirit。
“Really great!”Seeing the knife of Scarlet City Lord,Li Ming also sighed。
Discussing with Emperor Jinyu,After all, it’s just a discussion。
Three silver-clad Taoists,Realm is too low。
Four master puppets of the holy city,Slightly stronger,But compared to Emperor Feixue, who is really at the peak of the Lord of the Holy City, it is also weak。
Can face the sword of Scarlet City Lord,Li Ming did not retire,Didn’t even use any weapons。
One arm,Five fingers together,Like a gun like a claw,Stabbed forward flatly!