Will n’t you feel wrong with you??”
Li Xiangfeng believes in this situation,But there should be no powerful characters nearby,Even if you don’t do it, it is not so obvious.。
“Will not,I will see it tomorrow.。”
“Row,What you said about the way??
Is it really let me invest??”
Things before Zhang Qiling,Li Hui Feng is half a trip。
“Hey-hey,Affirmative!I am not a person who doesn’t love money.,And I have encountered you for the first time.,Have you forgotten how do I be seen by you??”
One heard this,Li Hui Feng is also some speechless。
He didn’t think that Zhang Qiling was so shy.,Don’t care about yourself。
“alright,That will look at it tomorrow.,You live in me tonight.!”
“Hey-hey,no need,Tonight, you have a peach,I can’t bother the peach blossom to send the door.。”
Say,Zhang Qiling is directly。
Li Hui Feng has some meaning in the words that Zhang Lingling said.。
However, he is taught by ginger.,A bit slightly,I understand the moment.。
“It seems that you have a small way.,Row,Then I will not send you.。”
“Um,Do not send,Small resorts,I will leave.。”
Looking at Zhang Qiling’s back,Li Hui is also hilarious.。
Directly in the yard,Waiting and other good people visit。
Zhao Xiaoli heard that Li Hui is coming back.,Naturally, some can’t wait。
But thinking about Liu Dafu’s things,She still responded.。
But though this,She still came with Zhao Xiaoling.。
Zhao Xiaoling did not have so much ideas,After all, she also knows that Li is very busy today.,I can even say some unknone。
Even if it is iron,It should also be extraordinary in the evening.。
Originally, she still wants to find a reason to excuse.,But when I came to Li Hui’s Sihe,See the door open,The scene of the inner lights is also a glimpse.。
Li Hui saw Zhao Xiaoli and Zhao Xiaoling two women,Also hurried out。
“Scull,Ling Sister,I will know that you will come tonight.,have you eaten?
Use you don’t have to give you a small dish?”
“Be called a scorpion?
How do you know that we will come??”
I heard Li Hui’s name,Zhao Xiaoli didn’t feel Li Hui Feng.。
Li Rong Life:“Habit!Just now, some people have given me a lot.,It is said that there are two peach blossoms tonight.,I guess is you with Ling Sister.。”
Zhao Xiaoling listened to this,Pretty face is also a red。
She since she followed the wind with Li,It is also the whole body to help Li speaks up with the wind.。
The housing and mountains have all the houses in the mountains.。
Especially on the mountain,She managed well,Of course, she also knows Han Shanshan.。
This thing she also said with Zhao Xiaoli.,However, Zhao Xiaoli’s suggestion is to close one eye.,After all, Li’s side is not possible to be a woman.。
Moreover, Han Shanshan is with Li Hui, but from a small to big classmate,If two people don’t have any ghosts, don’t believe。