“My neighbors are scared.。”Mr. Jiang said。

“But I am walking,They also followed,Where do I go?,Where will these bugs。”
“What special things have you done recently??”Zhou Zhiji begins to explore in the room,Asked Mr. Jiang,“For example, I have been to some remote places,Touching something uncommon,What’s strange??”
“nothing。”Mr. Jiang said.,“The people I have ever asked before I have asked me similar to the problem.,But no,My previous life is basically the company and home.。”
Turn the head。
He noted that he walked into the room.,Those bugs do not mean,Inversely avoided him。
Look at Mr. Jiang again,Also the same as yourself。
Zhou Zhiyu said:“They don’t hurt you what you http://www.juzishuxia.cn mean.,This is the case.,At least proves that these bugs are not a monster that cannot be communicated.。”
Take a look:“So what do he want to do??”
“I am not sure as well。”Mr. Jiang said,“They will not speak,I don’t know what is arranged.。”
“Bugs begin to have an interest。”槐 序,“It seems that he found us.。”
“Bugs begin to have an interest。”Very calm and quantity,“The other party should find me.,I will communicate with him.。”
Mr. Jiang also looked around,Although these bugs have not been distinguished in his eyes,It’s a mess around.,But the calm and gentle tone still gave him a lot of credibility.。
suddenly,A spider hangs from half air,Stop in Zhou Zhihe and Mr. Jiang。
The two were scared.。
Just, Mr. Jiang was shocked.,The vision remains calm and spider,And constantly repeat the http://www.galoptech.cn two words in your heart。
“Human Tianshi?”
Spider sent a sound,Is old female voice,Accents are strange,I can also understand it.。
Zhou He turned his head to Mr. Jiang:“Please。”
Mr. Jiang immediately went outside.,Still close to the door。But his family has a floor window.,It is used to see the river view,He did not peek,I only glanced at the consciousness.,I saw the curtain brush and pulled it.——
At that time, Xiaoxiai was in front of the house.!
Mr. Jiang silently went to the waterfront,Dot。
“Sure enough, human Tianshi,I have been waiting for you for a long time.,Did the land diver recovery??”Spider asked。
“Just after the recovery,At present, most of the people in the country should have a land.。”Thoughts,I want to clearly,“It seems that you seem to need some help.,Then why don’t you go http://www.aqmprs.cn directly to the land??”
“I can not find。”
“I can contact you.。”
“I also need your help,Tianshire。”Spider hanging is in half air,“My name is star,I am inadvertently,My name in the demon should be quite big.,There are also records in the land.,You can check。I am not a mason.,Otherwise, this person has already killed it quietly.。”
“Star。”Nod,“My name is Zhou,What help do you need??I can try my best to help you.。”
“Star back,I have heard of it.……”槐 序 近 打 打,“Do you look like this??Should it be?Hey, this flower, green, green belly, is quite good.,Will you spit??”
“This is not my body,I just attached it to the top,It is just a common spider。”Star back explanation。
“Then you will spit??”
“Obvious。”Star swaying,She is hanging on a spider.。
“Then have you heard that I didn’t?My name is the sequin,Is a big devil,It is also very famous in the demon.。”槐。
“It seems that you can’t……”