Wine is in the mouth,The whole oral cavity was frotted over again,A warmth is coming to the stomach,Retreat is all a faint aroma。

“Wow!Uncle,Your wine is good.?”Le Zhenxi looked at him。
He thought that Yi Tianqi will drink those very precious wine.。
This bottle looks very common,But the wine is very fragrant!
Unlike those who are drinking on the wine table。
Although it is a high-end brand of wine,But there is no such a good drink.!
First-line throat,Unforgettable entrance!
Yi Tianqi smiled:“熙,This is a wine that I brewed by my old friend.,Soft taste,And drink it, not dizzy,Entry,Lip tongue,But I like a kind of wine I like to drink.!But the average person can’t buy it.。”
Le Zhenxi,Laugh:“Uncle,I can’t buy this average person.,But you can buy it.,If you have uncle, you will buy this wine.,Remember to help me also buy a little,I gave me my dad.,My father also likes to drink!”
“Row,When I went next time,Give you some back?”
NS393chapter:You apologize for me

NS393chapter:You apologize for me
Le Zhenxi:“Thank you, Uncle,Come,Uncle,I respect this cup.!”
The two people touched a cup.,Drink all。
Mu Qing looked at them two people,Laugh laugh,She didn’t ask Tao Mengyi’s things,She is afraid to ask the appetite affecting the blue blue,Blue blue has always been eaten less。
She wants to wait for a meal。
A cup of belly,Le Zhenxi also picked up wine bottles,Full of two glasses of wine。
Blue Xinyi,Say:“熙,Do you want to drunk my father??Drink,And tomorrow, you have to go to work.?”
Yi Tianqi smiled:“Blue,Do not worry,Dad’s wine is good.?Be happy tonight.,Drink two cups!”
Le Zhenxi also said:“Blue,You don’t have to worry about me.,My wine is also very good.?This is also known.,What’s more,Be sure to drink a few more cups!”
Le Zhenxi said,I have touched the glass of the cup and Yi Tianqi hand.。
The two smiles,Everything is shallow。 Blue Xin helpless,Little brickle gave some dishes,I still eat it slowly.。
Mu Qing looked at her,I also put some dish in her bowl.。
Mother and daughter two smiles,Blue Xin also clipped some mom like food to her.。
Dinner table,This silently is warm,Let Lanthen appetite,Eat more than usual。
After the wine is full,Little Jun goes back to rest!
There are only four people left,Mu Qingying asked:“Tian Qi,How is Tao Mengyi’s things??”
Blue Xinyi,Whole person is slightly,Quietly listen quietly。
Le Zhenxi looked at Blue Xin,Seeing that she is silently talking tonight.,But he knows that her is very bad.。
Good, although she wants to come back and revenge,Can face this result,Her heart is always uncomfortable。
Yi Tianqi reads a blue blue,Say:“The evidence of the kidnapping,Have filed investigation。 Not only that,Her company is suspected of tax evasion,and,Under investigation,She is still suspected of many illegal things,It has been investigated now.,She is self-sufficient。”