Acquisition is taken in,Everyone is silent。

Another side,Li Shuyi was taken away from the office from the office.。
Blue Xin stands on the window,Looking at the outside sky,Autumn,The sun is still very warm,The people are warm。
actually,A few days ago, she came to see safe.,She has peaceful,Tell your parents,After all, parents will also know.。
When you have a child, you have your own mother.,The bottom is very warm,My mother,What do you want to say?。
Reproach:“Blue,I know this thing can’t hit.,I have already said with my parents.,But they are very angry,Said that my self-propelion will marry myself.,I am pregnant now.,My man is still lying on the bed,I don’t know when I can wake up.… …”An Ke said this time is very sad,From small to big, the parents have a big princess.,Suddenly one day faced such changes,She can be so strong that she is so strong.。
Blue Xinzhi,Hand suddenly pulled it。
Lan Xin bowed,Just look at Lu Haozheng to hold iodophor and cotton swabs,Lan Xin, I will understand what he does.?
Lu Haocheng did not help but take her sitting on a stop stool.。
Le Yu is curious about the past,“what!Blue baby,You are hurt?”
Blue Xin laughs,This little wound is,She is not so embarrassed to see。
“this is……”Le Yu is surprised,Nail printed。
Lu Hao Cheng looked up with her,Tone:“When you are auspicious, you will be more powerful.。”
“Ah Cheng。”
Blue Xin’s eyebrows look at him。
Lu Haoheng bowed helped her to rub olor,I didn’t say it.,She is not afraid of Le Yu, what is said?。
Le Yu is shocked,“Blue,I really smashed you at that time??”
Lan Xin smiled and shook his head,“Don’t listen to A become chaos,Nothing。”
Le Yu:“……”I am touched.,Blue Blue In order not to let her guilty,Don’t you tell her??
soon,The obstetrician came out and looked anxiously.。
“Oh no,Hip bit,Shooter is only afraid……”“doctor,Do not,I want to produce。”
An Ke has reached the door,Looking at the doctor on the door,She must adhere to the birth。
Su Mom listens,Distressed,She walked over to help,“Can you?,It’s really hard to work.,But it is too guilty.,Caesarean section。”
“Do not,I want to produce。”
“But is a hip bit?。”
Su Mama is hurting,She has paid a lot for her son.,I don’t want to see that she is injured again.。
An angry and heartache,Everyone looks back,I saw a beautiful lady wearing a pink suit standing not far away.,Hand pulled a suitcase,There is also a middle-aged man next to it.,Long phase is very handsome,Look at the rest and he has a bit of similarity?
An Ke is like his father,Especially the five senses,Exquisite and some lovely。
An else crying into tears。
Everyone sees the parents of Acble,Suddenly I feel that I have to be god。
His voice has improved http://www.zgyjlmw.cnsome。
Blue Xin quickly looked up at him,A pair of stars confused,“what happened?”
Lu Hao Cheng felt she had a heart,I laughed,said“fine。”
Blue Xin is low,不知道在想什么。