She is frequently exposed to those who are luxury manufacturers.,Dinner,Wine,Entertainment,Busy。

Summer name is an assistant,But the business is unless,Miscation is abused in group members。
but,Everyone including Zhang Wenli and Hu Li Li,No one dares to be in the summer。
After these days,They all perceived,This uneven guy,There is an unusual status in Luo Qianjin’s eyes.。
E.g,Every time I am busy,Luo Qianjin will solicit where to eat in the summer.。
Before you have an unclear,Will also vote for help……Although the guy is low eyebrows,Everbead and sleep。
Group members also found a detail。
That is,In addition to some of the necessary private time,Summer is almost inch of Luoluo。
Very similar。
But not all。
Because Luo will watch the eyes of the guy,Obviously。
Everyone is an adult,very clear,This kind of look,Contemporary in a woman’s eyes,Indicate anything。
As a result,Group members are more polite to the summer。
This morning,Luo Qianjin did not lead the team,Instead, I came to the Sumnar Fashion Division with the summer.。
Chanel Fashion Division is located in Sini Central Business District,It is not large to occupy the area,But the design style is extremely unique。
Above the building,Hanging the most popular elements and promotion posters in this season,The overall style and the style are remarkable。
This time is not to talk about it.,Instead, I have to visit a champion of Xianeal.,Thus。
The key is,This female designer is a Chinese,Zhang Meili。
Don’t look at her Chinese,And only twenty-six years old,But she is one of the three major designers of Xianeel Fashion Ministry.,Have a pivotive status and voice。
I have seen the woman in the summer.,A few days ago appeared at a seater,And and Luo Qianjin seem to be very good。
This time is also invited.。
The two did not go in,Luo Qianjin after playing a call,Then wait quietly at the door。
After a moment,Out of a woman,Woman with a black frame glasses,Have a quite exquisite face,Dressed in black office,Perfectly carry her graceful body。
Mature woman。
This is a mature woman。
“Thousand gold,You came。”
Zhang Meilai hangs a joyful smile,A few steps,A hand that pulled Luo Qianjin,That look……Hot。
See this scene,Summer eyelids jumped a few times。
Be right。
Whimsical……fiery,Just like looking for lovers。
I mower。 Summer mouth is pumping a few times,This woman won’t be that?。
“do you know,Since the day of the reasons,I am looking forward to you every day.。”
Zhang Meili helped glasses on the high nose,Upper and down,“Time,I just designed three sets of clothing,You must be very beautiful。”
Luo Qianjin eyes bright。
Other party,Although it makes her faint approximately feel a bit wrong,But soon, I was transferred by this sentence.。