no way,He thought of many possible identity,But I didn’t think,The flower of the night and the Buddha actually has this relationship.。

“Their last name,Do they have?” “Night is considered the captain of the flower captain,People who know this thing,There is almost no in the corpse,Only a few people, such as the head leader know。”
“Previously, the night was always being held in the soul of the flower team.,Until entering the Central Institute,Graduation is accepted by the current four teams。”
have to say,Night after knowing the calendar of the night,It is also dumbful for a long time.。
After all, it is hard to imagine the squad leader.,It is actually adopted a child in the soul street.。
“Since the corpse is not a few,So how do you know??”
Suddenly heard a big material,Pudao His Source Source Source Source。
“Who is aware,There is a old alcoholic,I have a good wine for a few altars.,Just touch each other’s bottom。”
Night face proud,Purea is also a bitter laughter.,He knows who is the night’s algae?。
Jingle Spring Water,One of the smartest people in the corpse,As a leader of the captain,Also is the old qualifications in the captain。
Although the age is compared to the flower captain,Maybe it is better to,But it is definitely the oldest person.。
After understanding the origin of the night,Pudao helps the strength of the night,I will never ask again.。
After all, in the flower captain,This age is the teachings of the old capital of the puzzle.,Night excellent swordsmanship and strength,Both are middle。
“It seems that the night is not a blue dye,So this time Ionaki is protected to the corpse,It is enough to please he take care of him.。”
Pudao hiped himself touched the chin,Some feelings。
A general, a big powerful general,They have a grasp of blue dyeing,More than one point。 First, no matter the strength of the captain.,The focus is with its previous harmonious fish style,He is the only strength.,But I have never seen a blue dyeing person.。
Blue dyele knife,Mirror flower,Knife into its name,Effects of anti-sky can interfere with five senses。
Pressure is not as good as him,Almost like a blind man in front of it,I don’t necessarily what you see.。
Such anti-day capabilities,There is also an important prerequisite,That is the effect of mirror flowers.,I have to see him。
And the night is no doubt,There must be no。
After all, the previous night,Blue dye is not placed in the eyes,It is more impossible to ran to him.,Liberation。
“In addition to this,This time, Lu Qia was caught back to the corpse,There is also a blue dress behind it.。
Just don’t know why,Why is blue dyeing to the little role of the dead wood Lucia?”
Night one,The pupil that makes Pudao help is a tightening。
Others don’t know the value of Lucia,Does Hi Po Hua Hao will not know??
He has developed“Collapse”Later,Found unfinished“Collapse”The force exuded,Already far superior,So seal it into Lucia。
I think of it now.,Lucia is brought back to the corpse,Maybe it’s a blue dye, I can’t help but take it.!
“no,The special training of Kurosaki is accelerated.,There is also a message to help me give the corpse。”
Lu Zahai helped certainly want to go to the corpse world.,Blue-stained thisoss。
But because of hundreds of years ago,They and a gangman,All is dyed in yin,Now it has become a person who is wanted by a net spirit.。
If you want to say it well in the world?,If you enter the soul of the corpse,The flow blade in the hand of the team is fire,Can not be vegetarian。
Urgent,That is to let the Kurosaki enrich stronger,Small role like Kurosaki,The 13th team should not care too much.。