But the toilet in the girl’s dormitory saw some things that should not be seen.,Han Jiang’s heart is sinful。

Changed a living http://www.lyrxjf.cn dress,Hanjiang whole person seems to be a lot of sunshine。
In the end, it is a girl’s vision,It is much higher than the vision of Hanjiang.,Let the book will be more handsomeant in Hanjiang.。
Han Jiang raised his original clothes to go out of the dormitory,Tri silk a few people read a view of Hanjiang。
Then I will take the clothes of Hanjiang in front of Lihua glass.,Say:“Stay something here,Is the party with these things right??I will not lose it.。”
no way,Han Jiang can only replace the clothes in Turi silk。
“gone,gone,After that, you will be shocked by them.。”
One line of five people arrivedA1After the dormitory of the building,Qi Yana is open in apron。
“I didn’t expect Qi Yana to cook.。”Teri silk。
Qi Yanna shakes his head,A pair of expressions。
“You are coming。”Blona came out,A few people say:“Sister buds is cooking,I am fine.。”
“Han Jiang is with you?”
“We are encountered on the road.。”I don’t know why.,Lihua glass makes a sentence。
The faculty dormitory is more than a general dormitory,Han Jiang entered the door and smelled a strong meal fragrance。
Living room,Ji is very image lying on the sofa and drinking wine,De Lisa hugging potato chips at watching TV。
There are also three people in the dormitory.,Only not seeing the figure。
“The squad leader went to help cook.,Qi Yaa, don’t add anything.。”Bronia pulled Qi Ya, who wanted to go to the kitchen.。
“Qi Yana must go to the kitchen to steal it.。”Han Jiang smiled。
Qi Yana snorted,Rebuttated:“talent,Talent。”
The wind is hidden by the crash12People are here,There are also two people who have come to rescue.。
Not how long everyone enters the door,The buds and the inquiry have come out of the dinner.。
“Eating。”Qi Ya http://www.merryenglish.cn is excited。
Twelve people sit together,Dangdang table,Both is the specialty of Dongpu and Shenzhou。
“Feative training is perfect,I wish us a higher evaluation when I have been approved at the end of the month.,There is a good grade!”Qi Yanna first shouted with a drink。
Other people have taken the drink on the table.:“There is a good grade。”
“Well,so bitter。”
Han Jiang drank a drink,It is not as sweet as it is not imagined.,Instead。
“Bitter gourd sauce。”De Lahako。
It can be seen in addition to Kii and Fuhua.,When other people’s face is not good,Teresa whisper:“Mingming so good drink,Why don’t you understand??”
Qi Ya’s smirk,“The taste of the big aunt is so strange。”