Luo Jun and Luo Yi have not gone to the company a lot。So after lunch,Luo Jun and Wu Qian left。Luo Yi looked listless,She fell on the sofa,Like a sick kitten。

See Luo Jun like this,Xia Jian really didn’t feel good。http://www.cunyiwifi.cnSince everyone knows each other,And Grandma Luo specifically asked,So it should be okay to take care of her temporarily。
Xia Jian thought for a while and walked over,Sat beside her。Luo Yi took a long breath and said:“You don’t have to pity me。Grandma just left,I really can’t be strong,But don’t worry,I won’t drag you down。What are you doing,casual”
Luo Yi said so,It made Xia Jian a little embarrassed。He smiled and said:“you misunderstood,Shall we go out to play this afternoon?”
“ I want to move,You want to go by yourself”Luo Yijuan curled up,Looks pitiful。This makes Xia Jian even more embarrassed to leave。
Ali who cleaned the kitchen took a look at Luo Yi,Then he glanced at Xia Jian who was a little helpless。She whispered:“The vegetable garden has not been watered for a long time,How about we water the vegetable field this afternoon”
Xia Jianyi listen,This is a good way,So he hurriedly smiled and said:“Don’t sleep,Watering grandma’s seedlings”Xia Jian moved Grandma Luo out,Luo Yibian sat up lazily,Unhappy。
The three changed their shoes,I also changed my clothes by the way,Then the three of them went to the vegetable field。Haven’t come to water for a few days,The seedlings do lack water,All drooping leaves,But Xia Jian suddenly found,This seedling has grown a lot taller。
Maybe the land is too fertile,There is still a lot of grass growing inside。So Xia Jian asked Luo Yi to pluck the grass with him。Ali waters the water slowly by herself,Xia Jian’s purpose,I just want to make Luo Yi happy。
What kind of grass will Luo Yina pluck?。You let her fight,Or sit in the office and handle some copywriting,She will be very serious,And it’s done perfectly。
Luo Yi can’t do it,Xia Jian had a chance to speak。He patiently taught Luo Yi how to pluck the grass,One step,One step is very serious。
Luo quit after a while,So coldly asked:“Why not use tools to weed,But to dial?This hurts your hands and is slow,What do you mean?”
“The cut grass will grow back in a few days,And it will grow wildly。But the grass you plucked with your hand,Pluck out the roots,So it’s called even the root”Xia Jian said,Made a face。
Luo Yi was told by Xia Jian,Immediately honest。But she is very hard,Sit for a while,Squat for a while,Almost sleeping on the ground。Even if she looks like this,Xia Jian won’t let her rest。
Three people worked in the vegetable field for a while。Smart Ali went back to the room to make a pot of tea and brought it over。Luo Yi, who has never worked before, is too tired。As soon as she saw Ali brought tea,And quickly greeted the past。