“I am trying to be above you.,Even if you try to converge,Also avoid it。You are holding a broken sword,The right is to make up for this unfair difference。”

He actually will use the Poly Sword to give her this new teacher.……
Yan Zhi is only realized,Xiao Jo’s acoustic response is not for her request.,He is also serious and seriously treating this test.。
The sword is in the hands of branches.,The sword is moving with a lightweight.『color』Dark horse,It’s like Shengyang shines on the abyss.,Surprisingly beautiful。
The two found a block on the mountain gate.,Relatively。
Xiao Yu reached out one hand,Show 竹 first out。
Although 枝 now really repaired,But she wants to show the Tianshui of Xianjian.、And this is integrated into her movement to reflect out『sex』Not a difficult thing。
She makes the first trick,Xiao Jo’s expression has a subtle change。
That is a mixed surprise and appreciation of emotions。
His eyes are so quiet,Treat this ratio with more cautious attitude。Even if his cultivation is too much,
NS139chapter Chapter 139 Cake
But he does not intend to press the spiritual pressure,Instead, simple branches of swordsmanship。
The test is Xiao Yinsheng。
“You have a lot of days,Sword-speaking,Your understanding is above me。”
after the end,Xiao Jie immediately walked to Yanzhi,Not please appreciate。His eyes are slightly bright when speaking,The reflected sun is like a stream under the jail at dusk.,The overwhelming sword is flickering and faint。
man,I successfully caught your attention.。
http://www.108dy.cn 样『dew』Appreciate the expression:“Teacher is a brother,Swordsmanship,Non I can。”
Xiao Yao very fast:“Timeday,Your achievements will only be above me.。”
Branch:“Don’t dare to be。”
I said that I hangs.,Not really swordsmanship。
Xiao Yan is obviously not previously every time.,I took the initiative to talk about her way for her.,Dedicated to swordsmanship。
Duanshan Road,Yan Zhi really feels powerful,But not directly,But:
“Ever-minded monks have the power of nature,No brothers can give me long-term knowledge?”
Xiao Jo:“What do you want to see??”
枝 假 意 意,road:“Yu Jian?”
Xiao Jozheng shouted the sword,The sword is floating to the front of the branch.,He actively:“superior,I’ll bring you。”
Not the last goal clearly goes directly to the peak,This time, Xiao Yao took the branches to all the places.,All http://www.jtyybz.cn all mentioned in the faction is finished.——In the original memory,Xiao Jo is also planning to do this.,Why is the system dominated by the system and shouted。
Other disciples in the disable,Who is Xiao Yao behind?。
Xiao Jo’ao Road:“Is my teacher。”
“Qing Dynasty, I also received a new disciple.?”