“capricious!”Battles, thumbs http://www.killerjuice.cn up。

“Thetrey,More than you.,Have money。”Luo Tian is also laughing:“Is a wonderful person,Take time。”
“Lin Feng,What do you want!”Yinjiuyang,Staring at Lin Fengway。
“Don’t want to,I just want to buy it.,When everyone is destroyed,I am!”Lin Feng big hand pointed to Yin Tong Tiandao:“You both called a flower,disappear as far as you can!”
“Ha ha.”
Suddenly laugh,Yin Jiuyang and Xianwei are the main owner,But was so insulting。
“Lin Feng,you wanna die!”The fairy is getting more gloomy,A shocking killing is filled。
“This few don’t have noisy,Do you bid??”The golden hand is a little dissatisfied with the fairy and the Yin Jiuyang Road。
“Big shop,We want to negotiate。”Yin Jiuyang Shen Sheng:“Almost。”
“In principle, it cannot be,But interruption,You will have to increase10%Loss fee。”Gold hand directly。
“it is good!”
Yin Jiuyang and Xianli have no bitsthes bite,This thing must be obtained。
“Lin Feng,what the hell do you want?”Yin Jiuyang looks at Lin Feng Road。
“One sentence,Cash today and their gambling,Time and space crystal of 200 million,Change to20Billion,I don’t let the guy smash down.!”Lin Feng smiled and looked at Yin Jiuyang and the fairy:“Otherwise, I will buy anything today.!”
“wipe,Fast arrival, one-class first Tian Lingbao。”
“It’s enough to let them get a lot of money.。”
“20100 million,You are enough!”Yin Jiuyang Shen Xi Lin Feng Road:“However, there is not so much on us.。”
“Really smoother,Jiuqi has a big pen now,Can buy now。”At this time, the gold statue http://www.365yuan.cn is the same as the rain like the rain.。
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Chapter 142 Meet
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“I rubbed!”
Yin Jiuyang and the impulse have no kind,They think about the account,But the golden hand,They can’t pay attention。
“Boy,then,this is20Billion!”At this time, the golden hand is moving.,A huge space bracelet flies to Lin Feng。
“Thank you!”
Lin Fenglang laughed。
“Yinjiuyang,Fairy,Remember3000Wan Gongde,Check out together。”Golden hands smile。
“Thank you big shopkeeper!”The fairy is unhappy, the yin nine yang。
Then the subsequent fairy is unable to bid directly bid for 100 million yuan directly.,Capture this nine peace,Then start the auction below,However, Lin Feng is not interested.。