The National People’s Representative of Hong Kong, accounting for 38.97% of the total representative

Recently, at the first meeting of the 6th People’s Congress of Guang City, the female representative from all walks of life became a bright landscape, and they were full of enthusiasm, seriously fulfilling their duties, and considering various work reports. Actively recommend the statement, reflecting the social opinion. The proposal of the female representative is recommended to reach 32, with 46 of the appendages, accounting for% and% respectively, further highlight the "half-side days" role.

113 people in the Hokkaixing of Hong Kong District, accounting for the total number of representatives.

The growth of the people’s representatives, thanks to the Women’s Federation of Women’s Federation of Women’s Participation in Women’s Participants, and maintaining women’s participation in national and social affairs as an important right to maintain and safeguard.

The Women ‘s Federation has taken a variety of channels to improve the democratic awareness, participation and political awareness of women’s participation in politics. Women’s "Leading Wort" training in the whole district, "Women’s Lecture Hall", "Bangui Tour", "Wanli Lecture Hall", "Parental Growth Program", etc., China, China, China, China And social affairs management integrate into women’s training learning, to strengthen women’s participation in political awareness.

In this year, this year’s county and hometown three-level people change election, Hong Kong North District Women’s Federation has made early deployment, early planning, early publicity, and raising the awareness of political participation in district township women, actively participating in the management of national and social affairs, as a woman playing "half of the sky "The important work of the role and contribution to the intelligence and strength. In the six stages of the resolution election of the district, the District Women’s Federation is timely followed, especially in the representative quota distribution, in addition to the representatives of the women’s congresses in the regional Township, the representatives of women must not be less than 25%, but also guaranteed than the previous session has seen an increase.

On this basis, the District Women’s Federation is also actively involved in the selection of electoral work, actively promoting and mobilizing women to actively participate in the elections of the representatives of the people of the district. Make political parties nominations and representatives of the representatives recommended by the party’s ten-person representatives, the representatives of the representatives, the official candidate is 166, accounting for the proportion of the proportion of the representative of women, and lays the foundation for women. Through the voter voting election, in the representative of the selected 290 Hong Kong North District People’s Congress, the elected women representative reached 113, accounting for% of the total representative. In the representatives of the 539 township people, women representatives also reached 186, accounting for%. The big representative of the HKEA in the Harbor District is 32 more than the previous session, which is higher than the legal requirements. (Zhu Zhiwei Lu Hongxia) (Editor: Wang Yong, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.