"How does the Chinese Communist Party solve the problem of construction

After the founding of New China, the Communist Party of China became the ruling party. In order to take great attention to the historical mission of the country, the party is based on the needs of the situation and tasks, and the new problems of the party members will continue to strengthen the style of work, and strive to maintain high-spirited mental state.

The party relies on the people to create a socialist transformation in China. In my country, the basic system has established a socialist basic system; then leading the people to have anger, set off a socialist boom, and began to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation along the socialist road. Journey.

Despite the difficulties of heavy difficulties and severe tests, such as military threats such as Western countries, the huge pressure of the Soviet Union, the huge pressure of the Sino-Soviet Union, as well as the serious natural disasters and economic difficulties, but the party and the country come over One of the important factors is that the party’s style is good, the party group is good, and the whole society has cohesiveness. Lei Feng, Jiao Yulu wholeheartedly serves the spirit of the people, "Iron Man" Wang Jinxi "Ning Ke less thanks for 20 years, desperately to take the big oilfield", the high-rise, the feat of the river and the red flag representative, concentrated Show the spirit of the party and the people.

In hard exploration and practice, although my country has experienced a strict twists and turns like "Cultural Revolution", it still has achieved great construction achievements. Although the party’s work style is fluctuated, it still has more trees, play an important role, and provides valuable experience and profound enlightenment for the reform and opening up new era.