Zhongsha Islands Comprehensive Science Examination Project 2020 comprehensive voyage mission completed

  This is the long spine starfish filmed under water (photographs on June 27).

Lin Qiang, chief scientist of Xinhua News Agency (Nanhai, China), said that these work is to clearly cognize the ecological environment, biological resources of the Sand Islands, and the topographic landforms in the waters of the Sand Islands, accuratelyThe formation character information of the sand island reef has laid a more solid foundation.

  During the execution of the voyage, the examiner first discovered large-scale chicose starfish outbreaks in the Middle-Sand Caisco Sea and leading to a large number of corals in the northern region of the large clue.

This also confirmed that the South Island Reef Sea Starfish disaster has spread from Nansha and Sanda Sea.

  The Sand Islands Comprehensive Scientific Investigation Project belongs to the scientific and technological basic resource survey of the Ministry of Science and Technology, officially established at the end of 2018, and organized 2 viaces last year to organize comprehensive scientific investment in the sea area of Zhongsha Carant.

Up to now, the project has accumulated 5 aviation survey tasks.