"Demolition + Bay" listed first Niling people burst to lend the scale of Gaziaba jump upgrade

China Economic Weekly – Economic Network News (Reporter Li Yonghua) On November 3, Nanling Civil explosion () issued an announcement, the company intended to purchase Gazika, Panang Mining and Song Xiaodi, etc. Yipower 100% shares. This is the first case in China’s first spin-off listing + leased.

An industry insider told the "China Economic Week" reporter. According to the announcement, this transaction constitutes a restructuring, which is commonly known as a shell. After the completion of the transaction, the controlling shareholders of Nanling Civil will be changed to Gezhouba, indirectly controlling shareholders to build (), and actual controllers will change to the State-owned Assets Supervision Commission of the State Council.

According to public information, Nanling Civil explosion headquarters is located in Hunan. It is a regional civilian explosion company, mainly engaged in the production, development and sales of civil explosive equipment, military products, and provides engineering blasting services. The Hunan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision held a total of Nanling Chemical Group and the Monx Investment, and the actual controller of Nanling civil explosion. In 2020, the company’s operating income was 100 million yuan, net profit 10,000 yuan; 2021 third quarter, revenue billion yuan, net profit of 33.89 million yuan.

Yipili is the civilian explosive enterprise under Gezhouba (), and its large-scale super-Nanoli civil explosion, 2018, 2019, 2020 and in the first half of 2021, respectively, the net profit of the parent company owner, 100 million yuan , 100 million yuan.

In September this year, China can build (03996) to absorb merged Gezhouba, and the latter ends the market.

Regarding Yipili borrows the shell of Nanling, China can build, through the split list, the new main body after the listing of Yibei will become the company’s civilian explosive goods, production, sales, blasting service and mine mining services The independent listing platform of the business, enhance the profitability and integrated competitiveness of the company’s civil explosion business. Nanling people explosive, through this transaction, the company will become the first listed company in the production capacity of the civil explosion industry, the capacity structure has been greatly optimized, effectively avoiding the risks of the packaging explosive license capacity, the company’s scale advantage and industry competitive advantage will more obvious. China’s energy supply is said that after splitting, the civil explosive sector will achieve direct docking with the capital market. Future cabinets can be operated by capital market platforms, further improve research and development level, production scale, rich Product line, expand sales network, achieve leapfrog development. On October 19 before the restructuring of this restructure, Nanling cumshot rising and stop; on October 18th; on November 3th, the Nanling Civil explosion has a daily limit.

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