"Kung Fu Flu"? American politician racist speech makes the world fear

While Trump is a labeling of different ethnic groups, there have been many injuries that have occurred in Asian Americans.

At the end of March, stop hatred Asian organizations tracked hate Asian events.

After the project start, they received more than 2100 reports. These include employees being pushed in the work, and a family is spit in the fast food restaurant, and there is also a child being beaten by the classmates. How far is "I feel fear" is "I can’t breathe"? The US president’s "Kung Fu Flu" won the cheering scene, and it seems to see systemic racism in the soil of breeding in the United States.

"Kung Fu Flu" and other laminated vocabulary today’s racist seeds in the hearts of the United States, will Freud’s tragedy in the yellow people? Due to more than 120,000 Americans who have died of new crown pneumonia, they should be respectful and sympathy, rather than light jokes and continue to duty.

American politicians have passed the drama of the disaster, and they have been seen through the world, and it is better to leave energy to save lives.

After all, for the passed people, no matter the new crown pneumonia is called "Kung Fu Flu" or "American Flu", it is not important.

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