Zheng Tiango: "Double Reduction" starts from the book bag

Transpacification bag, in fact there are two reality.

One is a labor education for children to organize the school bag. It is an invisible supervision. It is necessary to show the book bag to everyone. My school bag is not finished. This is a kind of supervision for the child; it’s the school It is a kind of invalidation for supervision and whether the school can have long-term adherence to a reasonable reduction, it is an open window.

We have implemented the "Double Reduction" policy, the transparent book is just an entrance, a micro-shadow, and implements the two reduction policies. The most important thing is to solve the problem of parents to academic anxiety, and the standardization of the standardization of the teacher’s homework and refinement . The school will make a variety of efforts in this quality and improvement, let parents feel relieved. Not allowing parents to add code to their children outside the extracurricular time, or if it is invalid.

In the above-in-law operation, we standardize, refine guidance, refine guidance according to the school’s work management rules, according to different grades, different disciplines, and make teachers to integrate between disciplines, Avoid each battle.

Solve these two aspects, I feel burden, it can maintain a long-term and efficient continuous state.