The Great Victory of the Central Red Army "Taili" Battle

After arriving in Wu Qi Town, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China immediately deployed the Kuomintang Cavalry Force of the Central Red Army.

On October 20th, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Peng Dehuai did serious research on the enemy, Mao Zedong demanded: retreating forces, do not bring enemies into the base.

After the meeting, Peng Dehuai was carefully deployed and personally directed this battle.

On the 20th, on the evening of October 19, the Red Army mainly entered the position of the position. A vertical team ambushed on the head of the headway, the two-way Chuan, Sanxuanchuan, on the left side of the enemy, the second column ambushed in the head of the headway, the mountain beam of the stone, in the opposite side of the enemy, the three column ambushed The bird’s nest beam on the east bank of the Luo River is in the front of the enemy.

The Red Army’s lower pocket tactics prepare the enemy of the whole. At 4 am on the 21st, the President mounted under this Du pear tree on the platform of the platform, holding a war mobilization meeting, repeated emphasizing the importance of making this kind of impression.

After the meeting, the Chair said to the security guard: When the gunshots are fierce, don’t wake me up, wake me again when you call the cold gun.

Explain that the Chairman is a victory. At 7 am on the 21st, the battle started. After more than two hours of fierce fight, the great victory of the "Taili" battle was finally obtained.

The battle was injured, and more than 2050 people were captured by the Kuomintang military cavalry. Among them, more than 1,000 people were injured, more than 1,000 people were captured, and the mashman, mortar gun, and the light machine gun dozens (very); seized more than 1720.

At this point, the Central Red Army cut off the "tail" that has been caught in the Long March, which announced that the conspiracy of Chiang Kai-shek chasing the Central Red Army was completely bankrupt, and also announced: the world-famous 25,000 miles long strife ended! (Editor: Peng Yuyi, Zhao Gang) Sharing let more people see.