[Continued writing a new chapter] Urumqi County: One village is singing farm integration

  Ma Chao introduced his entrepreneurial experience Ma Chao said that there is no money, there is a terrible, and do it. So, in his own yard, the small table small bench was supported, and Ma Chao farmhouse made this.

  As the first batch of people who eat crabs, Ma Chao quickly tasted the sweetness, and the neighbors were not bad, and everyone started to make a farmhouse.

  In 2008, Fangjiazhuang Village rapidly increased rapidly, gradually formed, and farmhouse became "characteristics" in the village.

When the local government encouraged the villagers to develop farmhouse, the local government also encouraged the villagers to personalize development, avoid homogenization, and the village also established a farmhouse association, self-constraints in the price of dishes, and try to do special dishes. Ma Chao said that I would rather let you come thousands of times, can’t let you come again, how to improve the quality, and keep your guests are everyone to consider. Business is good, Ma Chao and his wife have been busy, so he hires to help. With the development of local ice and snow, only summer is seasonal, and later winter is also peak season.

  With the development of local tourism, the local government encourages the villagers to unify the upper floor. The original place specializes in developing farmhouse music. Ma Chao has once again renovated the farmhouse. On the first floor, the second floor is developed. The local tourism industry has developed rapidly and has attracted many tourist practitioners to come to this business development.