Gansu High Standard Farmland Construction Work Promoting Video Conference

Original title: The provincial high-standard farmland construction work advances video will be held in Lan, November 4th morning, the national winter and spring farmland water conservancy and high standard farmland construction TV conference, Gansu Province followed the provincial high-standard farmland construction work Promote the video conference, mobilize the province to overcome the influence of the epidemic situation, and seize the current gold construction period and accelerate the construction of high standard farmland, and complete the annual target task.

Deputy Governor Sun Xuetao attended the meeting and speaking.

Sun Xuetao emphasized that the governments and relevant departments at all levels should effectively improve the political stations, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency to carry out high standard farmland construction, and constantly consolidate the improvement of food comprehensive production capacity and keep the national food security basis. To speed up project construction, concentrate on the development of the general meeting of farmland construction, accelerate the pre-project work, construction progress, funding payment, completion acceptance, and the above map to ensure the completion of the annual target task.

We must strictly rigorously project quality supervision, adhere to the number of construction and quality of construction, improve the quality management system, and promote the improvement of food comprehensive capacity as the primary goal, and promote the effectiveness of the project.

To strengthen the coordination of overall, the city county government must conscientiously fulfill the responsibility of high standard farmland construction. Agricultural rural departments at all levels must earnestly perform their respective duties, increase project scheduling and supervision and inspection, and take the initiative to work next year. (Editor: Zhou Yu Ting, Jiao Long) Sharing let more people see client downloads.