How do key data in the first three quarters? How to treat the current economic situation?

Original title: How do key data come to see the current economic situation? According to Xinhua News Agency, the National Bureau of Statistics has been released on the 18th, the initial accounting, the gross domestic product was 823.1 billion yuan, the year-on-year growth%, the average growth rate of two years, and retarded a percentage point for two years in the first half of the year.

How to look at this "transcript" in the face of complex and severe domestic and international environments "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter combed key data to resolve China’s economic trend.

GDP falls, how to see? The data shows that this year, two, three quarters, my country’s economic growth rate is%,%, and% year-on-year, respectively. The economic growth rate slowdown in season, how to see? Industry insiders pointed out that the influence of the base, my country’s annual economic growth will show the trend of "pre-high and low". "After entering the third quarter, there is a lot of risk challenges at home and abroad. The global epidemic spread spread, the world’s economic recovery momentum has slowed down, the international commodity price is high, the domestic area is affected by the epidemic, the macrower of the situation, and the economic transformation is adjusted. appear.

"National Bureau of Statistics, Director, Director of the National Bureau of National Economics, said.

Fu Linghui pointed out that the main macro indicators in the first three quarters are in a reasonable range, the employment is basically stable, and the people’s livelihood continues to improve, the structural adjustment is steadily advanced, and the quality efficiency has continued to improve, which has made a good foundation for achieving the overall economic and social development goals. Investment growth "Least and low low", how is the rear situation? In the first three quarters, the growth rate of national fixed assets investment fell back to%, and the average growth rate of two years went to%. It is worth noting that the high-tech industrial investment has increased year-on-year.

Education, health investment increases by% and% year-on-year, faster than all investment growth, and the cost of repairing short board is obvious.

Chen Yusu, professor, Professor, Beijing University, said that investment is an economic factor in promoting full factor productivity, pulling technical needs and promoting structural changes, and investment data increase or decline has shown that the current key should grasp the economic structure adjustment optimization opportunity. Increased investment in high economic returns and future fields, injecting new motivation for economic recovery.

Lv Wenbin, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that investment still has the conditions that maintain stable growth, the next step will strengthen the fundamental area, strengthen funding, stimulating market vitality, etc. The consumption is taled, which areas are fasting? In the first three quarters, the total retail sales of social consumer goods was 31,805.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth. The final consumption expenditure contributes to economic growth rates, which increases percentage points over the first half of the year. The upgraded product retail sales of gold and silver jewelry, sports entertainment products, and cultural office supplies, etc., increased by weight,%, and%.

Chief researcher Zhang Yansheng, China International Economic and Exchange Center believes that the consumer has to pick up shows that our focus and hold the bulk of consumption, and promote new consumer policies preliminary results show.

In addition, employment stability, increase revenue, epidemic prevention and control stability are conducive to enhancing residents’ willingness to consume.

Foreign trade five consecutive quarters of positive growth, enough stamina it? The first three quarters, the total value of import and export goods trade one trillion yuan, an increase of% over last year, to achieve positive growth for five consecutive quarters. It should be noted, the negative factors that affect the development of foreign trade of China and a lot.

Shipping costs high, container "hard to find a box of" raw material prices, such as the Global Outbreak fluctuating pressure is still large.

Statistical Analysis Division of the General Administration of Customs Likui Wen said the long-term fundamentals of our economy have not changed for the better, stable foreign trade policy effects continue to appear, new formats new model momentum strong, stable and quality up to the amount of foreign trade development trend of better support. Considering the impact of the high base of 2020, foreign trade, import and export growth in the fourth quarter may be down, but my country’s foreign trade will not change the overall trend for the better, the whole year is still expected to achieve rapid growth. Upstream and downstream price "scissors" intensified, how companies decompression? The first three quarters, the national consumer price index (CPI) rose percent, while industrial producer price index (PPI) rose sharply%. From September to see, CPI rose%, or drop the previous month percentage points, while the PPI rose%, or a new high. CPI and PPI "scissors" to continue to expand.

A relationship between living costs, a relationship between the production costs, which indicates that the consumer market prices generally stable, but the middle and lower reaches of enterprise development may face some pressure. Pu Yang Guang, deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center of Macroeconomic Research Laboratory, said raw material and energy prices continue to rise and so boost PPI to rise, but this is a stage, PPI is expected to peak later this month after the end of the year early next fall. We recommend that companies make energy, labor, inventory and investment plans to ensure the end of this year early next production run orderly convergence.

New jobs 95% of the annual target, steady employment power come from? The first three quarters, cities and towns million new jobs in 1045, completed 95% of annual objectives and tasks; urban survey unemployment rate mean%, lower than the annual target of around%.

It is worth mentioning that the end of the third quarter, the total migrant rural labor force 18303 people, an increase of 2%, recovered to pre-scale epidemic ago.

Fuling Hui said, giving priority to employment policy continued markedly, employment focus groups of college students, migrant workers and so improved, driven by the urban survey unemployment rate steadily. In the third quarter, the overall youth unemployment rate down. Economic platform, flexible employment development to provide more employment options for workers. The rapid development of new formats new model, driven by new jobs increased.

Since this year, live broadcasts, online shopping rapidly, and also driven an increase in relevant industry practitioners.

Strategic Research Institute at the Chinese Academy of Social Finance Yang Zhiyong view, total employment pressure and structural contradictions still exist, some industries are in an adjustment phase, there is a labor shortage in some areas.

Energy supply is tight, controlled economic impact on you? For some time, many power cuts reflect the energy supply is tight.

But September data show that my country’s power generating 675.1 billion kwh, an increase of% growth rate last month to speed percentage points. In addition, large-scale industrial main energy products, in addition to coal production declined slightly, the oil, gas and electricity are growing.

"From the September situation, electricity production growth has accelerated.

In general, the energy supply is tight stage, the impact on the economy under control.

"Fuling Hui said the recent State Council executive meeting to do a good job this winter and spring of electricity and coal and other energy supply has made further deployment, along with effective measures to gradually fall, coal, electricity tight supply situation will be eased, the economy operational constraints will be reduced.

Income and economic growth in the basic synchronization, increase sustainability? The first three quarters, the national per capita disposable income of 26,265 yuan, after deducting price factors, the actual growth year on year%% average growth for two years, the basic sync with economic growth. Among them, per capita disposable income of urban residents was 35,946 yuan, a real increase of%; rural residents per capita disposable income of 13,726 yuan, a real increase%.

"Rural residents’ income growth higher than that of urban residents more than 2 percentage points, indicating that the urban and rural income levels further reduced, people’s living standards to improve." Professor of Public Administration, Renmin University of China Xu Guang Jian said that sustained economic recovery, improve business efficiency, employment is generally stable to drive residents’ income. Promote common prosperity and other related deployment further promote the residents’ income will likely bring more.

Property market continued to cool, how to stabilize the real estate market? The first three quarters of real estate sales growth% growth% two years on average, over the first eight months fell two percentage points; real estate development and investment grew%, two-year average growth% over the first eight months of decline percentage points. July and August, 70 cities housing prices rose as a whole tends to fall.

"The first three quarters, the added value of real estate two years the average growth% over the first half ended in failure percentage points back, see a limited impact on overall economic growth." Fuling Hui said that this year, the real estate market through the improvement of long-term mechanism, Real estate investment, sales and prices gradually stabilized. Fuling Hui said the next stage, with the supply of multi-agent, multi-channel support, both purchase rent housing system for continuous improvement, market players become more rational, the real estate market is expected to maintain steady growth.

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