Dragon Boat Festival Zhengzhou Railway has sent a total of 15.93 million BRBR

People’s Network Zhengzhou June 15th (Hoyaping) reporter learned from the China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. that June 14th issued a passenger.

There are thousands of people in the Dragon Boat Festival of Zhongyuan Railway, which increased by thousands of people, incrementing thousands of people last year; increasing thousands of people in 2019, growing%. Among them, the passenger is sent to a passenger in the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival, which is the highest in the Dragon Boat Festival. The group company accurately analyzes passengers travel needs, scientifically implements "one day picture", flexiblely adjust the train opening plan, during the holiday, a total of open passenger trains, including direct train 18 pairs, tube trains; EMU trains, The universal train is 5 pairs, and strives to meet the needs of passengers, travel and other needs. For service holiday passengers, the group company scientifically distributes capacity resources, strictly implementing the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic situation, and strictly do a good job in passenger service, strengthen the safety inspection of on-site operations, and strive to ensure the safe and orderly travel of passenger holidays.

On the basis of full digging, meet the travel needs, the group companies have launched a variety of convenience of the people’s services, strictly implement the station vehicle temperature measurement, ventilation and disinfection, setting emergency isolation seats and other epidemic prevention measures, and strive to provide passengers High quality travel experience and health and safety travel environment. At the same time, the major stations in the management will optimize the service quality, play a variety of ticket sales methods, flexible adjustment of the window sales, retreat, help passengers to purchase tickets, and make it easy for the elderly and "off the Internet "Traveler’s cash purchase; strengthen passenger flow organization, do a good job in selling tickets, security, enter the station gate, the stamping ladder and other service equipment; optimize the waiting room desk setting, add key passenger reservation service, information consultation, Lost items, wheelchair use services, improve passengers travel experience; increase the coordination of urban transportation departments one kilometer". Zhengzhou Station fully exerts the role of service brands such as Dandan service, do a good job in travelers inquiries, pick up the train and other services, and actively carry out key passengers such as "old semester" and "warm relatives" service from the network. Completely pay attention, the area is waiting to ensure the warm travel. In response to the big passenger flow, Luoyang Longmen stands in the verification port, the security checkpoint, adds the staff, and then opens the station channel to ensure that the passenger is organized in an orderly manner. At the time of the passenger flow, the Shangqiu Station will add staff to strengthen the staring, do publicity and guidance, and ensure safe or orderly.

Xinxiang East Station will open the ticket sales window, refine the ticket window function, reduce passengers to purchase ticket purchase time, convenient for passengers to purchase tickets.

Anyang station has a good job of passenger temperature testing, waiting room ventilation disinfection and bathroom cleaning, providing a warm, comfortable and safe travel environment for passengers.

The Panyang East Railway Station will be guided to help support, strengthen the targeted organization to ensure the safety of passengers.