15 world Internet leading scientific and technological achievements release

People’s Daily Hangzhou October 20th (Reporter Xu Wei) by the National Internet Information Office, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, the 6th World Internet Conference, World Internet Leading Science and Technology Achievements released on October 20th in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province The International Convention and Exhibition Center was held.

This is the fourth time for the World Internet Conference to hold the world’s Internet leading scientific and technological achievements. The issuance of 15 representative leadership results were selected, namely: Zeng Peng 920 processor, isomorphic integration of heterogeneous combination of general artificial intelligence, unified natural language pre-training model and machine reading understanding, 360 full-eyed eye 0day vulnerability Radar system, Tesla fully automatic driving chip, average depth learning platform, POLARDB: Based on storage calculation separation and distributed shared storage architecture cloud primary database, Zhi 270 chip, technology to help modern smart city synthesis Governance practice, artificial intelligence algorithm platform BRAIN ++, silicon rings immersed liquid cooling computer, IPv6 super large scale deployment practice and technological innovation, smart enterprise AI innovation and in-depth application, Versal adaptive calculation acceleration platform, civilized aircraft manufacturing 5G innovative demonstration application. It is understood that the 6th World Internet Conference collected hundreds of leading scientific and technological achievements in the world, covering the basic theories, technology, products, business models related to the Internet, focused with artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, cloud Calculation, digital manufacturing, industrial Internet and other technical portals. According to reports, the world’s Internet leading scientific and technological achievements release activities aim to show the latest technology achievements in the global Internet field, in accordance with fairness, justice, objective, authoritative principles, the General Assembly established the World Internet Leading Science and Technology Recommendation Recommendation Committee, and members include nearly 40 from the global Internet field. Well-known experts.