Beijing Urban Construction: Complete the issue of 1 billion yuan in mid-term notes

Yangguang Net Beijing November 18th News (Reporter Door Ting) November 17 November, Beijing Urban Construction Investment Development Co., Ltd. released the issue of the third stage of medium-term notes in 2021.According to the announcement, the company held the second temporary shareholders meeting in 2020 on November 19, 2020, and the meeting considers the adoption of the bill on the interiors of the company to register.Beijing City is built to the China Interbank Market Trader Association to apply for a mid-term notes that do not exceed 5.5 billion yuan.

It is understood that the amount of the third period of the third stage of the third phase of the third phase of the third period of 200 million yuan, the deadline is 5 years, the bond is referred to as the Beijing Tour MTN003, the bond code 102102317, the invoice rate is%, the interest rate is a year-on-year payment, the starting date is 2021November 17, November 17.CITIC JianDou Securities Co., Ltd. is the leader underwriter and bookkeeping manager of the mid-term notes in this period, Huaxia Bank Co., Ltd. is a joint leader.