Huichuan District Shed Reform Work Leading Group Meeting

On November 16, the Governor of Sichuan District Shed Reform Work Leading Group was held. Xu Junfeng, secretary of the district committee presided over the meeting and speaking.

Zhu Shibin, deputy secretary of the district committee, Zhu Shibin, Zhang Zhan, president of the District Committee of China Participate in the meeting. Xu Junfeng pointed out that the transformation of shanty towns is major people’s livelihood projects, which is also a major development project, which is very important for improving people’s livelihood, promoting regional economy high quality development and improving urban functions, and rapidly promoting new urbanization.

The whole district must unify the ideological committee to the district committee, the district government’s work deployment, actively transforming the ideological concept, and must not be delayed, slack, welcoming the problem, find a problem to solve a problem, to "dissect sparrow "The way, grasping the work of the shacklership area, steadily promoting the construction of the transformation project of shantytowns, providing a guarantee for the new round of high quality development in the district. Xu Junfeng emphasizes that all departments at all levels will be highly attached to, strengthen leadership, set up a job in the work, and have a good work organization structure, clarify the work responsibility, strengthen the responsibility of grasping, and find out the bottom number, scientific decision, and accurately formulate the mass relocation resettlement plan. . It is diligent to think, take measures, use a good policy to fully promote the shed. It is necessary to increase fund raising, personnel scheduling, based on the problem, accurate project construction, and limited time, orderly promotion work is decorated.

It is necessary to make a long-term, unexpectedly, carefully combat pain, difficult to point, close attention to special group life security issues, and go all out to increase the contradiction and disputes of shack reform work, and actively create a good atmosphere to promote the roof improvement. The deputy county-level cadres, Wu Dishong, Li Wei, Wang Hang, Liu drifting, to the Director, Hu Long Jun, Wang Qoqi, district directly related departments, towns (street), and the relevant person in charge of the state-owned enterprises attended the meeting.

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