Guangdong: 288 units bring 6663 positions

  On March 11, co -sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Guangdong Provincial SASAC, the Communist Youth League Guangdong Provincial Committee, and South China University of Technology, the Guangdong Provincial Talent Service Bureau, the Guangdong Provincial Employment Service Administration, the Guangzhou SASAC, and the Youth Entrepreneur of Guangdong Province Co -organized by the Employment Promotion Center, the "2022 Guangdong Province in the 2022 in the 2022 of the province’s employment public service agencies, the Guangdong Provincial Talent Market Co., Ltd., and the" Yizhan Wings "platform are jointly organized by the province. Action -State -owned enterprises lead the special conference "" Special Conference "at South China University of Technology. This is the first large -scale on -site recruitment event in Guangdong Province this year. State -owned enterprises have the main force of the talents. A total of 288 employers bring 6,663 high -quality positions, attracting nearly 2,000 graduates to enter the market, and live broadcast bands on -site. Thousands of people.

  Employment is the foundation of people’s livelihood, the foundation of stability, and development. In 2022, the number of graduates of colleges and universities in my country is expected to reach 10.76 million, a record high. How to help them take the first step in employment? The Guangdong Human Resources and Social Affairs Department continues to strengthen the employment service service of college graduates, and conducts a series of actions of the public welfare recruitment series of public welfare recruitment in the 1022 in the shortage of talents in Guangdong Province. , Employment guidance, entrepreneurial services, vocational training, difficult assistance and other employment -related services have been moved into the campus, helping college graduates understand the society and enters the workplace in rich content and characteristics, and use effective measures to promote graduates to achieve high -quality employment, guide the guidance Graduates have self -reliance. Zhu Hongfei, a second -level investigator of the Guangdong Provincial Talent Service Bureau, said that the on -site recruitment conference coincided with the March spring recruitment season, aiming to further play a prominent role of state -owned enterprises to absorb talents to promote employment, and promote the 2022 and leaving university graduation universities to graduate. Employment and employment to meet the needs of employers to attract talents.

"Today, 192 state -owned enterprises formed a talent group to enter the field. Among them, there were both large central enterprises and provincial and municipal -owned state -owned enterprises, and a total of 4078 high -quality positions were launched, accounting for over 60 %. In addition, a group of leading private enterprises also throw up Olive branches, "he said.

  It is worth mentioning that this recruitment activity also has a special "Wingspan Plan" workplace gas station, college students’ volunteer service in the west (mountain area) plan to recruit area, youth residential housing security service area Employment competitiveness, guide graduates to practice employment at the grassroots level, and help graduates solve the problem of housing difficulties. The reporter’s tour found that the job fair across online and offline channels to provide convenience for job seekers. Online, relying on the provincial urgent need of lack of talent supply and demand information platforms, through big data analysis, accurate personnel matching, matching successful employers and college graduates can be initially connected online; offline, preliminary docking mature supply and demand parties can be on both parties can be on the right of supplies and demand. "One -to -one" on -site re -re -re -examination and signing. Among them, the four companies were invited to conduct real -time live broadcast preaching and interacted with their graduates online to answer questions. It is understood that next, the Guangdong Human Resources and Social Affairs Department will continue to pay attention to the employment expectations of college graduates in the new employment situation, the needs of enterprises and institutions, and continue to demonstrate various types of special recruitment and negotiation activities, organize the network and on -site in various parts of the province. Recruitment fairs, stabilize employment, protect people’s livelihood, and promote development.

  Reporter Gong Chunhui Chen Li Correspondent Yue Ren Xuan Yueqing.