National Railway sent 291.78 million tons of goods in February to ensure key supplies such as electric coal and spring plowing

Recommended reading Compared with "commercial aerospace", Wu Ji is more willing to call it "new aerospace", because "new technology has the ability to grow, and there is a new market to grow soil."

2022-03-1015: 57 Recently, Tang Jiangyi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the principal of Xishan Senior Middle School in Jiangsu Province, called on the construction of the basic education curriculum system to pass the "high school-college" talent training baton.

2022-03-1015: 56 According to Zhang Wenyue, deputy director of the Institute of Magnetic Floating Research of the CRRC, the commercial magnetic floating train has made breakthroughs in a number of technical breakthroughs in unmanned driving, non-contact induction power supply, and rail operation. It is suitable for 50 Intercity and city lines from kilometers to 200 kilometers.

"Yang Ying, chief scientist of China CRRC, said that in the future, through technological upgrades such as the improvement of gas tightness, further optimization of pneumatic appearance, and increased ground traction power, commercial magnetic floating trains can also meet the needs of high -speed operation.

2022-03-1015: 09 General Teacher Ye Depei and young employees talked about the historical development and reform of the second house and the 203rd in 1957, and exchanged the difficulties of major scientific research projects during work, and vigorously expanded the field of metrological service fields. 2022-03-1011: 46 "For example, some scientific researchers like to nail in the thinnest places, because in these places, nails are easy to penetrate and are prone to results.

2022-03-1010: In recent years, many enterprises in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province have actively promoted the construction of digital workshops, and used the Internet of Things and the industrial Internet technology to digitize digital transformation.

2022-03-1010: In the two sessions of this year, a number of representative members from the Internet sounded the alarm: Today, the security risk behind it needs to be strengthened.

2022-03-1010: 01 Electricity is a strong support for economic and social development. Digital grids are of great significance for the realization of the energy revolution and the digital revolution. 2022-03-1010: 00 To further play the role of red teaching resources, improve the ideological understanding of the majority of teachers and students to participate in rural revitalization construction and digital rural construction, and allow more young talents to go to the "new battlefield" of rural revitalization.

2022-03-1009: 59 This technology has been monopolized by the United States and Germany.

2022-03-1009: 58 "I admire China’s open attitude and flexibility in cooperating with international allies and partners, which allows the two parties to achieve a win-win situation. 2022-03-1009: 57 Long B. B. The only one-and-a-half rocket is composed of two types of engines, hydrogen, oxygen and liquid oxygen, and oxygen. Emerging industries for development. In 2022-03-1009: 49 2021, Shihezi Development Zone Circularization Reconstruction Demonstration Pilot work successfully passed the national final acceptance. -03-1009: 48 It is reported that since 2021, the window of the government service hall of Guiyang High-tech Zone has accepted a total of over 510,000 items, all of which were completed within the time limit. -03-1009: 44 As a traditional manufacturing town in my country, Chongqing City takes strategic emerging industries as the starting point to create a strategic emerging industrial cluster and drive the industrial structure to continuously optimize.

2022-03-1009: 42 The Internet experience of Yuan Lanfeng can be traced back to 1997. At that time, he logged in to the Hanhai Nebula BBS of the University of Science and Technology of China, and the registered account "Hu does not return"-"Go back, the countryside will not return to Wuhu", The net name comes from Tao Yuanming’s "Return to Come". Yuan Lanfeng said that he was a winner of the Nobel Prize and a popular science writer at his mentor at Cornell University in the United States.

2022-03-0910: 58 Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of Shenshan Village, Jinggangshan City, Zuo Xiangyun, Director of Guohao (Nanchang) Office of Guohao (Nanchang), is really busy. There is also a reporter’s appointment at more than 10 pm.

2022-03-0909: 252022 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC22) ended a few days ago, including more than 1,500 exhibitors from the world and thousands of industry leaders, including Ericsson, gathered here in the future. The 5G "needle -piercing lead" connects the factory’s wide area network with the local area network, cloud and equipment, so that they can play their maximum role. 2022-03-0909: 19 Compared with software and services, the market share of the artificial intelligence hardware branch industry in the first half of 2021 has grown the fastest, with a growth rate of%.

2022-03-0909: 19.