Chen Yuhuan、Liu Zhifeng does not believe that there is a hint of happiness,Whatever she(he)How did we target the former full-time driver。

but,As long as Zhao Dabao becomes Toria’s husband,That’s the son-in-law of the Chen family,That is the Chen family’s Dinghai Shenzhen。
For all the Chen family,Especially her(he)Three generations of our direct descendants,The benefits are great。
And as the summer brothers who supported Zhao Dabao,When I heard the news,Full of excitement and excitement,I watched、The one I followed turned out to be the legendary Mr. Zhao,Can not be excited?Can you not get excited?
ThisTMIt’s a step up to the sky accidentally!
At this time, only the star Toria is the most calm,Although my heart is shaking、Heart trembling。but,How is it moving、How tremble,Mr. Zhao’s hand is holding himself tightly。
Chapter Five Hundred and Seven Madam debut,Extraordinary
This kind of consent is not a simple parental consent,It’s not an official certificate,This is in front of the whole world,Announcing her that Toria has officially entered the Zhao family,Become Mrs. Zhao。
Otherwise, Zhao Dabao is really a thief,Make full use of the convenience at this time,Directly confirmed the relationship with the big star Dong Liya。
This guy is going to confirm the relationship first,I’ll accompany you to tell the truth carefully later。
This product will definitely say——Wife Leah,Sorry,Except you,Two more,Oh,Seems to be three wives,You still need to get along well between your sisters、Harmony。
Of course,Zhao Dabao designed this item in a circle,It still needs the consent of the star Toria to succeed。
In the ardent eyes of Mr. Chen Youfu,In the happy look of parents,In the envy of everyone,Our big star,Our big beauties,Dongliya, Chen’s charming daughter, sat down slowly。
At this moment, Toria’s delicate face is so calm、So dignified,It seems that all this happened is so natural、Logically。
When I saw the big beauty Toria sitting behind her,Zhao Dabao put his heart in his stomach。
Said this product is not nervous,That’s all foolish。