After seven days and seven nights,Suddenly, the plate that has sucked up aura suddenly emits a bright light,The whole room seems to be transparent,Huaguang is fleeting,The plate gradually shrinks,Shape completely changed,Become a square cube,Length, width and height are the same,All three centimeters。

Lei Tianzi nodded slightly,Said to Liu Tang:“This is what the plate really looks like,This is an authentic square inch space,It’s totally different from Xuna Space,Can live in a square inch space,You follow me in and have a look。”
Pulled by Lei Tianzi,Liu Tang and Qiao Huiru both flashed,Disappeared,Open your eyes and take a look,They entered a white space all around,Very quiet,All you can see is about 300 meters,Underfoot is the soil like saline soil,There are no sun, moon and stars in the sky,And no other people, animals or plants。
Emperor Lei sighed,Said:“I know,Here is called‘Wind and fire’,Called by scientific name‘Sunda(XUN)Off dry’,It’s a medicine field that can be carried around,You see……”
Big hand wave,The white fog all around recedes at a speed visible to the eyes,Suddenly exposed a green medicine field,Can’t see the side at a glance,Every elixir leaves bright,Shine bright,The elixir of seed setting is everywhere,The red elixir shines like fire,White incomparable purity,Black as pure as jade,This is like a legendary fairyland on earth,Beautiful,The air is very smart。
On the other side there are two floors of temples 20 meters high,Empty,I don’t know the name of the building material,Shining,Reflect the light of the entire space,It seems that the whole temple is sacred and majestic,There is a huge plaque above the main entrance,Written three characters“Temple of Water and Fire”。
Lei Tianzi continued:“According to the laws of the world of cultivation,Only plants that can grow for more than 10,000 years are eligible to be called spirit grasses,Heaven and Earth,That’s what it means,Such as Lingcao、Spirit tree、Linghua etc.,One hundred thousand years old spirit grass may become a fairy,Incarnate as human,Know some less powerful spells,Want to be strong,Still need chance,Hard work。”
Qiao Huiru asked curiously:“Why is the elixir used??Can people eat?”
“Mainly alchemy,The effect of taking directly is not great,Need to follow the prescription to order medicine,The cultivator ate the spirit pill,Instead of voicing the old and accepting new practice methods,Improve cultivation。”
Lei Tianzi stepped forward slowly,Check out the types of elixir here,Then pinch the operation,Quickly concluded,Said:“The general elixir here is enough,But it’s not enough to refine the solid foundation,Lack of three main medicines,One is‘Pinch bamboo drought’、One is‘Rolled Poplar’、One is‘Cold drawn onions’。”
The elixir field is a full twenty-mile radius,Tian Long neat,Obviously someone specially sorted it out,Not out of nature。
Folding mountains appeared farther away,And the Yangtze River,Torrential water,Don’t know where to go。
Lei Tianzi didn’t want to explore what’s more mysterious space,He has gone through a lot of dangers,The truth of love knowing you see good,There is danger everywhere,Even if this square inch of space belongs to me temporarily,Can’t anger the existence of terror at will。
Bring the second daughter to the water and fire hall,Slowly climb the steps,Qiao Huiru said in surprise:“The building material here turned out to be jade,How much cobblestone material must be used for this?”
“Jade is not too precious,You see,The main material of the main hall is blue iron,It was collected from seawater at a depth of 20,000 meters away,At least one million tons of blue iron。”
Qiao Huiru objected:“The deepest place in the world is the Mariana Trench,More than 10,000 meters deep,Until now,Humans can’t go deep into it,How could there be a sea of 20,000 meters deep??”
Smiled,Lei Tianzi said disdainfully:“Is 20,000 meters still deep sea??Oceans with a depth of more than one hundred thousand meters abound,You don’t know how big the starry sky is,Many cultivators fly with the power of their bodies,Never fly to the other side of the mainland,And these immortals are faster than airplanes,You count it,Such a continent is just one piece in the starry sky,I can also see the whole sea planet、The whole planet is gold、A planet of minerals,So many scenery,What you see is just the tip of the iceberg,This world is too big,Even I was hovering in front of the house。”