Liu Tang and Qiao Huiru are just a short time away,They don’t understand antiques,Just curious,Ignore the waiter,When I enter the store, my eyes are dizzy。

Lei Tianzi only glanced at the shop,This look is like a spark,Swift as Thunder,In a few seconds, it was decided that this house did not have what they needed,He shuttles so fast,Using the power of divine consciousness,In the world of immortality,Being able to find the baby quickly is an advantage,Means to seize the opportunity,When you grab the treasure, you will be sure and ruthless,Or be snatched by others,I’ll fight with people again,Okay to win,You lose your baby if you can’t beat them。
Lei Tianzi who didn’t find the need suddenly lost interest,Lazily looking at Liu Tang and Qiao Huiru。
Qiao Huiru has already decided to double repair with him,Naturally pay attention to this own man,They will be a family from now on,Naturally, there is love in my heart,She noticed that Lei Tianzi’s eyes were wrong,Asked:“No genuine?”
Shook his head,Lei Tianzi laughed:“Would i care about antiques?Oh shit,Is the clothes I’ve worn for five thousand years considered antique??A urinal that has been used for three thousand years is not considered an antique?”
Qiao Huiru chuckled,Said:“Why are you always arguing with others?I think Liu Tang wants to buy antiques,Can you identify it?”
“What is the meaning of antiques?Let’s go,Look elsewhere。”
The waiter sees they want to leave,So asked:“Guests really want to buy antiques?I know a collector,Recently he has something anxious to wait for money,You sincerely want to buy,I will contact you。”
“Then you can contact。”Emperor Lei doesn’t care if the waiter’s words are true or not,He has sharp eyes,I can distinguish between good and bad things。
The hotel car sent Lei Tianzi out and drove back,Unless the guest proposes to charter,In that case, there is an extra charge。
They took a taxi to the collector,The current Lei Tianzi is pampered,Taking a taxi feels unsanitary,Said to Liu Tang:“I’ll get you two empty spaces,Use exclusive vehicles wherever you go,Let’s buy a few cars without difficulty。”
Liu Tang suddenly became excited,Cultivators use treasures,She’s already greedy,But there are not many treasures in the hands of Emperor Lei,The value of that kind of thing cannot be measured,Dare not ask。
In a good mood, Liu Tang smiles like a flower in full bloom,Said:“Thank you husband then。”
Seeing Liu Tang got the promise from Emperor Lei,Qiao Huiru has made up her mind to double repair,There is a virtual space that is very awesome to take out,No need to carry a big bag,Save effort。
The collector lives in another area,It took an hour and a half to stop at a quaint villa,The fare cost one hundred and fifty yuan。
The fare paid by Liu Tang,Then get off,The waiter knocked on the door,The customers he brought,There will be a rebate if the transaction is successful,That’s why they are so active。
Soon,A man in a security uniform came to open the door,I also looked at Lei Tianzi carefully,Then he turned sideways to give way。
The collector is a man close to sixty,Extraordinary,Ruddy complexion,It seems that I usually pay attention to health preservation。
A charming maid brings tea,The collector had a few words with Lei Tianzi,It’s all about some legends and anecdotes about famous people in history,Lei Tianzi responded very little,He is really not good at historical knowledge,Qiao Huiru, who has not been a student since childhood, knows a lot。
Collectors know it,This one must be Jin Yu’s depressed boy。