“OK then,You busy you。”Su Qingmu is relieved,He also took the task assigned by the senior leaders of China,Need to go back and describe the environment of the comet,I have to bring back some soil and rock samples。

Lei Tianzi left this dead planet,Continue to steer the starship to change a direction and set off towards the distance,Let Hongna look for rare materials。
Comet clusters do not know how many years have existed in the solar system,Few humans landed,They specialize in finding scattered rocks,These rocks are attracted by the earth,It is a meteorite that falls on the ground。
There are also many rough stones belonging to Jiebao,Emperor Lei commanded Tai Kong Duo and others to collect a large number of rough stones,Zuo Yan and Zhi Lao didn’t bother to do this kind of hard work,These two, one person and one demon, closely monitor the surroundings,Prevent them from being attacked by the mysterious demon in the starry sky。
Worked hard for more than half a year,It has been ten months since they left the earth,Tianzi Lei ordered to stop searching,Maneuver the starship back to the planet Su Qingmu and others。
I heard to go back,Su Qingmu did not continue to miss,They have been out for almost a year,A little uncomfortable in the cold and lonely starry sky,As long as you leave the artifact space,All the eyes see are desolate scenery,Not even a tree,I always feel abandoned by the world。
Comets are in motion,They stayed on the comet for ten months,Farther from the earth,According to the observation of the earth,The comet can only see a corner,Only half an hour。
Luckily there was a star ship in hand when I went back,When I came, I remembered the coordinates inside the starship,On the way back, I jumped a dozen times in succession according to the memorized interstellar navigation mark and arrived on Earth.,It only took about half an hour,The power of the starship is reflected in the star mark,The speed of crossing without star is too slow。
Out of the atmosphere,Lei Tianzi changed into Biao Shuo and returned to Qiao’s hometown.。
The way to come and go without a trace is indeed quiet,It is difficult for ordinary people to detect。
To the land of China,Emperor Lei said to Su Qingmu and others:“You are all native earth cultivators,In this world,Cultivators in the solid foundation period will not survive for too long,Worldliness will slowly corrode your way,Best leave as soon as possible,I will immediately end everything on earth,After leaving,Don’t plan to come back,As for the cultivators below the solid foundation period,Go and stay voluntarily,But mortals cannot leave,The immortal cultivator who needs at least the spiritual acceptance period can go together。”
Daoling and others really don’t want to leave,They are the top masters on earth,Leaving the earth will surely meet the strong in the starry sky,What if you get killed?
You can’t leave,Emperor Lei is still watching!As for what is intolerable,I was ignored by them,They don’t believe that heaven and earth can interfere with human behavior。