Yang Pingfan put his finger on his lips,“I gave Director Wu a surprise!”

The old girl has been in the society for several years,Have seen wind and waves,Cover your mouth,“Superman,Big brother,Injustice and debt,You just pretend I’m still asleep,I don’t see anything。”
“Keep sleeping on your。”
Yang Pingfan thoughtfully put the quilt on the old girl’s plump body,Director Wu is fat,It’s not convenient to just grab and walk,Yang Pingfan went to the bathroom,Tear off the disposable towel,Entangling Director Wu,Holding him and jumped out the window。
First164Chapter Spider-Man and Fast Silver
This is the eighth floor!The old girl really didn’t make a sound from beginning to end,I was scared and fainted this time。
Director Wu woke up,Feeling chilly all over,I found myself behind my back,Is rising,Open your eyes and take a look,I found myself on the outer wall of the hotel building,Suddenly let out a howl like a pig。
“You scream again,I will throw you down。”
Director Wu suddenly said nothing,He saw the car downstairs like a matchbox,Urinate directly,A smell of feces and urine drifts away,Shivering,“hero,Give me a break?You can say anything。”
The hero ignored him,Carry him directly to the rooftop,Fistfully hit the ground,Director Wu got hurt in his butt,Just wanted to call out,But I saw Spider-Man carrying him up,Suddenly confused,Isn’t this spiderman in America?,Why did you come to China??
I didn’t wait for him to recall,Yang Pingfan picked him up again,One hand is holding the Hermes leather belt that came from the room,Left hand flick,A bunch of bright white spider silk flew out,Pulled two people into the air,Fly off the roof,Spiderman tied him directly to the signal station on the rooftop。
Director Wu is almost scared to death,Crying,“Superman,Heroes,Let me go,will die……”