“Help her complete a task,You can fly。”Shi Meng whispered,“I can only tell you so much。”

Finished,She continued to lie on her desk looking at her phone。
Help her complete a task?
I think this is a bit unreliable。
The general manager controls the overall situation in the company,In general, the extinction teacher has the final say on business matters。
She found me a deputy supervisor,What can you do?
Finally got off work in the afternoon。
My phone rang。
Pick up the phone and take a look,It really is the landline of Yao Yun’s office。
“Hey,Hello。”I say hello politely。
Subsequently,Head turned to her office。
Inside the huge French windows,Yao Yun is looking at me with a smile。
“Director Zuo,Do you have time tonight?”Yao Yun asked。
“some。”I quickly answered。
“I want to treat you to a meal,I don’t know if you will reward you?”Yao Yun’s tone is a bit playful。
she was,A general manager invited me to dinner,I dare not appreciate?
Didn’t you seek your own death?。
“I’ll invite you。”I quickly said。