The foxes were shocked。
because,A fox has fallen on the ground。
“Giggle,Of course i remember you,Little vixen。”
There was a burst of laughter,Zhonghu immediately looked up,Soon I saw it on a strange rock,Is standing a figure as huge as a ball。
A flash of lightning across the night sky。
Short light,Illuminate a cold and terrifying face。
Especially those yellow eyes,Is constantly turning in all directions。
“In the sedan chair,Is my fourth brother Miaohuer??”Yellow round opening,A pair of turning eyes,I just ignored the fourth brother lying on the ground。
“Do not……Is not……I,I just……”Fourth brother just wanted to talk,Suddenly dizzy,He sat down on the ground,He really wants to tell Huang Yuanyuan that he is the fourth brother of the righteous master,but,His whole body is very soft at this time,Completely out of strength。
Huang Yuanyuan jumped off the strange rock。
She holds huge copper hammers in both hands,Once landed,Walked towards the sedan chair,Simultaneously,The chubby face was filled with a playful smile。