Just when Lei Tianzi was about to order the attack on Heifengzhai,Suddenly fell from the mountain an old man with white beard and hair,The guest said nothing,Lei Tianzi(shēn)Tables, chairs and benches are offered in the first ten feet,Even Lei Xuan has a chair。

Emperor Lei doesn’t care about these,Said to Lei Xuan who was wary:“Thank you senior for your seat。”
“Thank you senior for your seat。”Lei Xuan respectfully bows(shēn)salute。
But Tianzi Lei didn’t salute the immortal cultivator who came here inexplicably,his(shēn)No less than anyone,Retain the dignity of the king。
The comer nodded slightly at Lei Xuan,Did not stand up,Take out the spirit fruit,Lei Tianzi dare not eat food from strangers,And this person is probably from Heifengzhai,Belong to the enemy camp。
The comers are eating and drinking for themselves,after awhile,When Lei Tianzi is impatient,Only those who came to communicate with Lei Tianzi’s cultivation experience and experience through sound transmission,It’s the level of experience that fascinates the strong。
Lei Tianzi sneered,Does not answer the comer’s question,Most of them are listening to each other’s rants。
“Snapped——”The visitor finally affirms that Emperor Lei is just a cultivator during the infantile period,It’s not someone who pretends to be a pig,Shot to seal Lei Tianzi’s shoulder well(xué),Then there is the Dantian who wants to seal Lei Tianzi,Further control Lei Tianzi。
In an instant,Lei Tianzi has a mouth,A lightning-like shadow thrust the sword in his hand into the throat,Cut off the enemy’s neck。
What comes out of Lei Tianzi’s mouth is the pink dream,Since Emperor Lei returned to Yingyu,The two got married,Fenmeng has been practicing in her husband’s dantian,You can come out to help anytime and anywhere when you need it。
Even Dong Chan’er doesn’t know about Lei Tianzi(shēn)There is still a person in the body,Usually fan dreams don’t appear at all,her《Bend(shēn)Technique》Cultivated to the perfect state,(shēn)The body can be large or small,Very good for latency。
The head dropped by the comer is still staring at the fan dream,The position of the throat of the sword belongs to(shēn)Vital parts of the body,After success,Fanmeng doesn’t even look at each other,She is also the realm of attracting the strong,Killing a cultivator of the same level is effortless。
Lei Xuan could not help but ask:“father,Who is that?”
“Your auntie fan dream,Your mother knows,Your Auntie Fanmeng rarely appears in front of people。”Lei Tianzi explained,Put away the body of the person。
“Cool。”Lei Xuan learned a word her father taught her,Said cutely。
Lei Tianzi said to Bao Tongxing who was always on standby:“Attack Heifengzhai immediately,Do not stay。”