“The belly is hurting again?”Zhou Ye, I urgently asked。

Zhao Xiaohong shakes his head:“no,It is the habitual pressure here.。”
Zhou Ye Yusong tone。
Li Qifeng has not taken the bed yet.,Even the clothes of Zhao Xiaohong didn’t have a hurt in the clothes.。From the reaction,Zhao Xiaohong’s back pain seems to be unambiguous……
If it is really a pain caused by ureteral stones,The patient’s abdominal pain will take a pain along the ureter.,I will even hurt my groin,Hurt。
Li Qifeng carefully,It is found that the groin is no obvious manifestation.!
Then he repeatedly confirmed that Zhao Xiaohong’s urine mouth is also no pain.。
At this time,Zhou Yewu recharged her right lower abdomen,Pain is obvious,And the location is very fixed,Macquard,Pain in the appendix root position!
“Appendicitis??”Zhou Ye。
Li Qifeng looked at Zhou Niwu’s insiders,For a time, the diagnosis of stones is getting more and more unassured.!
If it is acute appendicitis,Then it’s best to move your surgery.!
“Abdominal emergencyCTBar,Fast war,Soon you will know the results。”Li Qifeng found still to rely on the abdomenCT!
Abdominal pain of this patient,Temporarily considering stones or appendicitis,Or appendicitis accompanying stone infection,Other such as acute intestinal obstruction、pancreatitis、cholecystitis、cholangitis、Intestinal perforation、Enter artery embolism, etc.,Serum ammaidase,D2These tests are normal in the galvanic and miles.。
Zhao Xiaohong nodded to understand。
But it is an emergency bellyCTAlso waiting for care workers to help push,Also have nurses to accompany!
“Can you delay?,Would you like me to send it?”。Zhou Ye We recommend。
In principle, as long as there is a medical staff to accompany you.。
Li Qifeng nodded,Zhou Niwu was taking Zhao Xiaohong’s inspection application.,Just a rotation, ready to push her to emergencyCTroom!
This check,AbdomenCTWhen the result came out,Li Qifeng and Zhou Niwu were stupid!
CTShow the right lower abdomen,In-square high-density,Consider the possibility of appendicitis,Right renal pelvis、Ureteral mild water,No obvious ureteral stones。
“Fortunately, you call me and then check my individual.。”Li Qifeng sighed and looked at Zhou Ye。
Otherwise, Zhao Xiaohong,He original bellyCTNot ready to check……
NS111chapter Returning to the emperor
Soon Surgery doctor,The results of the consultation are acute appendicitis,Zhao Xiaohong was sent to the surgical ward observation,It is said that it is ready to do surgery.。
Zhao Xiaohong was sent away from Zhao Xiaohong,Suddenly, I suddenly。
There is a kind of pity feeling。
Whenever Zhao Xiaohong is because of her husband quarrel,Then the stomach hurts,Tale120Telephone,Zhou Ye I don’t know if this is a farce.,Still a tragedy。
“You go back to rest.,Two girls outside are still waiting for you。”Li Qifeng sent Zhao Xiaohong,Looking at Zhou Niwu’s emotions,I have a bit of soft, I will let him go.。
Zhou Ye is habitually looked at his quartz table。
Time is on the nine o’clock!
Unconsciously, I stayed in the hospital for so long.。
Sometimes I have to feel this kind of thing.,He even felt that he was born with the hospital entanglement.,There is an invisible line to involve him and the hospital together。
If it is not a college doctor, this identity,He may be very strong for the hospital’s belonging.!
Tianfeng in the spring,Some slightly cold,Zhou Ye suddenly called a Harce。
“Is it spring sleep??”Zhou Ye is dark。
“Why,Still staying in place?I want to stay to help?”Li Qifeng suddenly smiled incomparable。
Help your uncle?!
Zhou Ye I don’t say,Peping your ass withdrawing out the emergency stay room。