As for Shen Xuan,It is looking at the distance.。

For these things that are currently seen,Shenxuan at this time,The more I want to feel interesting.。
But next,In fact, it is not tangled.。
After a little later,Shen Xuan’s face is full of a touch of smile。
“All right,Now,Other things,I will not say so much for the time being.。”
“Since it is already here now,So, do you have to do something?。”
Shen Xuan is thinking here,Where is it better now?。
After thinking for a while,Shenxuan’s heart,Suddenly thought of a little。
“First go to Shaojia Entertainment?”
Shen Xuan said,Lin Xuewei, looking at the head。
“OK,Let’s take a hurry.。”
When Lin Xuewei’s words said,obviously,For such things,What should I do?。
In fact, it is this,It is already completely there.。
At this time, Shen Xuan,It is very light。
Although it is once again arrived at Shaojia Entertainment,But Shen Xuan’s heart,But more calm,Even completely don’t take these too serious things at all。
“Why is my heart?,So thinking about peace of mind?”
Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,The mouth is slightly rising,Bring a touch of affected smile。
Lin Xuewei,See Shen Xuan like this,She can’t help but laugh.。
In fact,Lin Xuewei’s heart,Also think so。
So I saw here,Lin Xuewei’s consciousness。
“So now,How do we mix it??”
When Lin Xuewei said,Shen Xuan is a faint smile。
“This simple,Let’s take the elevator directly.。”
“Before,First quite,follow me。”
The 219th chapter did not expect,Is us
Shaojia Entertainment President Office。
Shao Zhian’s heart is even more angry,Such a thing,For him,It’s a torment。
Even if Shao Zhian’s heart, the more I want to feel anger.。
Even in Shao Zi’an,His heart is always in this side.,What should I do next to the end?。
“hateful,Our plan failed,In mind,His goal,Should be Shaojia。”
at this time,Shao Zhian said here。
But at the same time,He is worried again。
In case the other party is at this time,Looking for them to Shaojia Entertainment,This is how to do?
Think here,Shao Zhian out of the mobile phone,I called a call directly.。
Call out the phone,Shao Zhian asked directly:“How about it,Is there any situation??”
Hear Shao Zhian finished,Over the phone,It is said to Shao Zhian.:“President,everything is normal。”
very good,Since it is normal,So these things,It’s more simple.。
Shao Zhi’an nodded,But he still did not fell lightly。
“kindness,keep an eye on,If there is anything wrong with,Be sure to remember the timely report。”
Hear here,The phone directly agreed。