A stick, a stick like a black sky, came over,I am going to the martial arts of the living Buddha.,Martial art,Living Buddha’s face,Horn angle overflows a hint of blood。

The voice of the madness continues to ring,Seawater countercurrent,Seabed vibration,Like the gods awake,Black Wanzi-like cousin pumping a living Buddha。
“boom,boom,boom!”The horrible explosion sound continues to ring,A black black, such as Tianzhu, who smashed from other directions。
“I rubbed!”
Living Buddha is generally not easy to swear,However, once you are, you will represent him a very annoyed thing.。
At the moment of this crisis,Living Buddha is full of gold,There is a wooden fish in his hand.,His hand is like a lightning like a lightning,The sound of the devil wood fish sounds at this moment,Broken ripple。
Those blacks like the black rods suddenly affected,The figure of the latter Buddha is like a volcanic outbreak,Palp,Shells the vacuum zone of 100 meters,His figure is vacuied by this vacuum to light off.。
“clang,clang!”The sound continues to ring,Golden ripple swept surrounded。
That black, like Tianzhu, did not chase,But disappeared in the bottom of the water,The sludge in the sea。
Escape from Baili,The figure of the living Buddha finally stopped。
Living Buddha’s face is gloomy,If he holds a demon fish,Can attack the attack on the soul,I am afraid that I can’t walk today.。
Is there a demon??Just now, this horrible giant is definitely a powerful demon raft that condenses out of the god.。
“Amitabha!”Living Buddha is high, a Buddha,Then I left my face.。
A golden big snake appears on the sea in the sea in the sea,The martialism in it will Lin Feng,Ye Tiancang and others’s figure is wrapped in it,Several people have a feeling of suffering。
“day,Golden dragon,Your sister is too unreliable.,But it is indeed a good idea.!”Lin Feng took a word:“When the Buddha is hurt, they are around.。”
It is also a great cause of the golden big snake. The horror of the sea.,I don’t know what the way to use the way to live.,This is the next scene.。
“wipe,necessary,This monk is if it is not the word of the moon.,It is estimated that you will see the Buddha here.。”Golden big snake draws a few words。
“All right,This monk repairs the eyes of wisdom,Can you follow??”Lin Feng suddenly asked。
“Cannot follow。”Golden big puppet confidence is full:“And I can completely converge,Let him find。”
“That’s good,All right,Let’s go back to China.。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“Fully converge。”
“Do not worry。”Golden big snake draws a few words:“I can take it under the stylish of other seawatophytes.。”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,When the golden big python, everyone has lurked into the water.。
“correct,Golden dragon,Last time you said, the blood of the phoenix, a person,Will not feed directly?”Lin Feng suddenly。
After this time I go back, I will treat Liu.。
“There is no complex usage,But you have a drop here.,Fist size,First-sen three copies,Take out one of them,And this part is based on her physical tolerance,Waiting for me to go back to help you,Add to the soul of the soul。”Golden Big Pyra:“remember,Must be the essence。”
“Essence?”Lin Feng heard the words:“To extract?”
“good,It is best to use the big day heart force to rush,remember,Don’t use it when it is crushing.,Just。”Golden big pyra:“After waiting, you immediately handle this matter.,After handling it, we will help you with the blood of Phoenix.。”
“it is good,Thank you。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“wipe,Well-brother。”Golden Big Pyra:“Don’t be happy too early,If you have no effect, if you have no effect?,The remaining two-thirds of the rest cannot be used。”
NS645chapter New Soul
“what?”Lin Feng heard a slight change:“One-third is useless,The rest cannot be used?”
“good。”Golden big pyra:“Don’t hold too much hope。”
“Ok,No matter how,As long as I may try it。”Lin Feng heard the thoughts:“Go all out!”
“I feel even if I can’t wake up, I can let her die.。”Tiger King suddenly。
“suspended animation?”Lin Feng heard the words。
“good,This kind of false death is not a false death.,But her soul recovered to a very weak level。”Tiger:“Once this happens,You need to give her a letter every day.!”