728 Be attacked
Two Tibetan Mastiffs the size of a boar,The fangs exposed from the open mouth are like sharp daggers,The momentum of rushing is no less than that of a lion。
Ou Sheng was so scared that Huarong was pale、Back and forth,I have to draw my guns。
“do not worry,Have me!”
Behind him is the scared Osheng,Chen Xiu can’t dodge,Meet the two Tibetan Mastiffs,Press forward,When he was less than two meters away,A Tibetan Mastiff will take off,Chen Xiu punched him in the head。
The skull of the Tibetan Mastiff was directly broken,Flew several meters,Lying motionless on the ground,The dog’s eyes are full of blood and can’t move;
The other one bit towards Chen Xiu’s leg,Chen Xiu’s right leg retracted back,It’s bite empty,And Chen Xiu’s legs are like springs,Pop up,This is exactly“Twelve Way Tan Legs”Inside the leg,Kick directly on the dog’s belly,It just turned out and rolled several times on the ground,In the mouth“Woo”Make noise,The dog’s mouth oozes blood,I’m afraid I can’t live。
The boy of the Lin family was dumbfounded when he saw Chen Xiu killed two Tibetan mastiffs in two shots.,They know the terrible Tibetan Mastiff,One Tibetan Mastiff is for three、The four wild wolves are completely crushed;
But now Chen Xiu is punching、Completely crush two Tibetan mastiffs with one foot,What a terrible power this is。
The boy who let the dog saw his pet dog was killed by Chen Xiu,Even more sad,Shouted:“Hit the dog and look at the owner,Dare you kill my dog!”
“Comer,Kill him for me!”
A dozen of Lin’s babies came out all at once,Each holding a baton,Fan out,Walk slowly towards Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiugang killed two Tibetan mastiffs but warming up is not counted,At this time also,Moved my neck,I also plan to teach the Lin family a lesson,Lest they be too presumptuous,Defiant。
Screamed,I saw a strong young man running out of the house behind the Lin family,It is Lin Shuangwen。
Those security guards could see Lin Shuangwen shouting,One after another,The opposite man killed two Tibetan mastiffs with one hand and one kick,In the face of such a master, they just bite the bullet。
But it’s just a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan,Not for the job,Who really wants to provoke this monster。