“Wife,I can’t let you be wronged under my eyelids.。”

Blue Xin smiled brightly,Star:“husband,I am not aggrieved.。”
Blue Xin looked at Lu Haocheng 眨 眨 目 目,Under bright light,Her white smile is beautiful and dazzling,Beautiful mess。
Lu Hao achievements are like suffering from her.,Also followed the dark eyes。
“Um!it is good,Wife,I’ll listen to you。”Lu Haocheng did not help but nodded。
Lin Biao:“……”This is the Lu Hao Cheng him he knows??
It’s just a wife slave.。
When is this world change?,He is a Buddha to eat dog food。
Tang Yue listens ,A breath。
“Thank you!”She quickly thanks,Looking at Blue Xinye gratitude,In this way, it was driven out.,She can’t find it more suitable for her work in the future.。
Although she thinks it for himself,But here is better,More development。
“You’re welcome!”Blue is smiling and laughing,She is too early this.。
She can affirm,This woman must have a problem。
Blue Xin glanced at Lu Haozheng,“Ah Cheng,You go busy.,I have to sit.。I don’t hurry to run like this.,Even if you want to come,This big cold day should also wear a clothes and come over.。”Blue Xin, I looked at him.,It’s not good for illness.。
Lu Haocheng hits her,“Wife,I will pay attention to it next time.,I am busy first.。”When is he not busy today??
“Um!”Blue Xinzi,I got on him.,Lu Haocheng’s one-step, one step, three times, reluctant to leave。
She rarely faces her out.,In addition to the banquet,This is the second time,He happily wanted to put her back to the top floor.。
This scene,Let everyone look at therate,certainly,More is awkward。
Lu Hao Cheng, a cold ice, will also have such a gentle side,They all want to get such gentleness。
Many people who go to work in the Lu Group know,Their husband and wife are very loving,But also loves to have a few women who have a lucky psychological woman want to dismantle the couple.。
Blue Xin also knows these,But the soldiers will block,Water to cover the earth,She is not afraid of her bluex。
Looking at Lu Hao Cheng completely disappeared,Her laughing is slightly converged.。
She looked at the model,Low calm:“All right,Taobao model,Microbloggingvmold,Advertising model……Let’s go to the meeting room together,Discuss the new product conference。”
Everyone nodded,Enter the meeting room。
Tang Yue looks at the back of Blue Xin,Hate and jealous,But now stay,Have her time to look at Blue Xin, how to leave Lu Hao Cheng。
Ou Jing, awakening,It is waking up in Chen Yu Hotel.,Already close at noon。
One-night hangover,Let him hurt at this moment。
He shakes his head slightly.,Looking at the room that once familiar with,Empty,Only full of loneliness and cooling。
“call……”He spit out a turbidity,Heavy rentane bed,Looking at the roof。
He can’t sleep this time.,Last night, I have to go to the middle of the night.,Some of his drunkenness is unclear,The driver asked him where he went,He don’t know if you don’t know the Chen Yu Hotel.。
I didn’t expect to sleep until this time.,I have always feel bad,Today’s spirit is surprisingly good。