This is certified by countless people who don’t know.。

More than three minutes,Li Lao finally looked up,It’s just that there is no previous strength between the look.,The depths of the scorpion flashed a milded uneasiness。
Many tone is also polite,“Excuse me……”
“summer!”Summer look is hot,“I am summer。”
The guests who come to buy intelligence are all open.。
He is summer?
The two quees just sorted about his intelligence for auction,Difficult solution for killing,Finally, the price of more than 150 million prices……summer?
Just when everyone is surprising,There is a more intractable scene.。
Da da da。
Before it is strong, Li La,I can’t help but go back a few steps.,Stare at the summer,Dead look。
But his forehead,It’s already a layer of fine cold sweat。
“Since you dare to make auctions here, my intelligence,I want to know who I am.?”
This sentence,Directly in the ear of Li Lao,In the eyes of outsiders,Summer is just staring at Li Lao,Not talking。
Li old throat roll,Zhang Zhangzhu,Nodded again,Then also make sounds as a sound line,Hoarseville,“I……Me too……Also recently knows you……I……”
Toned,He is afraid of summer misunderstanding,Hurry,“This is an ordinary information.,no……nothing else,About you in the West,I can’t sell auction.……”
“Don’t say that I don’t give you a dull network opportunity.,Within three days,Roll out of Qinghai,Huaxia doesn’t need your dark network forces!”
Dark network,Never just just a network。
It is also a forces。
This forces mysterious,Involve,And with many forces,In the summer, they have swept their divisions in a city in the West.。
When he makes simple understanding from Yao Yukou,Almost already determined,So-called Tianwang Manor,Part of the dark network forces。
Two people talk with sound lines,Falling in the eyes of outsiders,Just see them stare with each other,Murderous。
Want to do it??
Goldao Rong and the ancient wind excitement。
And Yao Yu’s face turned a hesitation。
If summer and the opponent,Do you want to do it??
Just when she is tangled,Summer transfer,I can’t see my face on my face.,Fantastic gold arrogant and ancient wind。
Turn around。
Go outward。
Li Lao also followed。
Forehead,The eyes are extremely quirky and glanced at the ancient wind and Jin.,Not to say a word。
See the summer leave……See Li Lao……