Li Ming is directly using space means,To attract many practitioners。

now,In addition to the power of leaders and the top true gods in the Chaos World of Pangu,Actually for Chaos Alien‘Luo Hu’I don’t know anything about the attack。But Nuwa called,Came quickly naturally。
Five ancestors,Six leaders!
There are 13 people who are comparable to the ancestral gods,Add with‘Star Dou Zhou Tian Array’、‘Pangu Battlefield’And other means to bless the top Taoist ancestors,Stand side by side one by one。
Pangu world is not peaceful,The contradictions between many great abilities are not small。
Among the ancestors,Phoenix and Gonggong have a big grudge,Zhu Rong and Gonggong have a bad relationship,And Zhu Rong once dealt with Terran,But was defeated by the Suiren clan!
But there is another contradiction,I can’t take care of that much at this moment。
With Nuwa’s brief description of the situation,The mighties felt a trace of anger in their hearts。。。And fear。
Alien from Chaos,The Shennong family was hit hard,Even more to deal with them。
they—How to retreat!
Facing the invasion of the chaotic alien race Luo Hu,The vast majority of Da Neng do not have the slightest retreat。of course,They can’t escape。
Pangu World,Is their home!
The powers of the various forces are assembled separately,Those with long experience form a formation,Waiting for the enemy to come。
quickly,Those true gods and ancestors with magic eyes and magical powers saw the terrible enemy in the chaos。
The distance is like a cloud,A demon with six arms,A dark and murderous smoke spreads,Vaguely,You can see the four ancestral gods and a large number of true gods!
The four ancestral gods under Luohu,Weird,Each command dozens of true gods,The deity of Luohu has over 100 true gods。
Or an ancestor god rules the eight true gods,Or the nine true gods join forces,Form a square formation like a devil’s head。